1. I should be thanking you for writing blog posts that interest me :)


  1. Hi Greg,
    Glad you found something you liked on the website. Thanks for visiting it. I like the range of interests expressed in yours, your art ain’t too bad either!

    My sister’s husband is from Australia, and they lived in Sydney for a long time, She rode the ferry a lot and taught there as well.

    I’m not a programmer, so only know a bit from taking a Java class (pun not intended) and a C++ class. Really enjoyed both, Programming, esp. user interfaces is fun and interesting. Your website is eye-friendly, and pleasantly uncluttered, very easy on the mind! Thanks!


    1. Hi :)

      and thanks for visiting. :) You know how sometimes you will be reading an article on someone’s WordPress site, and at the bottom WordPress will recommend a couple of other similar posts/sites? Well that is how I found your post that I liked. The entire idea of tailoring illustrations to match how the mind learns was thorough and thoughtful and deep. I felt that I had no choice but to like it. :)

      I am very much an amateur at what I do with illustrations and art, but appreciate the comments :) And I’ve always been interested in just about everything. :)

      Whareabouts in Sydney did your sister’s husband come from? I’m from the southern suburbs of Sydney.

      As a writer, I may well call upon your knowledge one day when some of my characters need to perform some tracking :)

      Once again thanks for visiting :)



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