Welcome to my online home. I'm a Business Storyteller. In brief that means that I analyse your business and your information and from this I build graphic stories that others can easily understand. These stories may be in the form of presentations, reports, charts, safety or technical diagrams, manuals, animations, or even films. But whatever form they take they will be a powerful way to communicate.

Please be aware that this web site is not just a business site. It is much richer than that. I am a storyteller and here are the many stories that tell you who I am, where I've been and what I can do. Explore these stories. then contact me and together we will create stories that will improve or help your business.

Greg Long B.A.(Hons), B.Sc.(Computing), Grad. Dip. Ed., M.Mgt.

Who I am

The following image summarises my skills. If you wish to find out more then please check my About Me page. Greg - skills


Meaningful Business Reports

Every day you collect data. Perhaps it is about sales. Who buys your goods and services? What do your clients really want? What motivates them? Where do your clients come from? What are your more popular products and how should you split your investment in these products or services to ensure that your business thrives? I can take your data and turn it into a story from which you can answer these and other questions.

Information Management

Knowledge is power in any business. I will help you to understand your information needs and how you should manage this information to profit your business.

Small businss hardware/software advice

A lot of technology companies want your money, but how do you choose a sound investment when your specialty is your business and not IT? I am happy to learn about your business so that I can provide assistance in researching and purchasing new software and hardware to meet you needs.

Writing manuals, policies and procedures

The need for user-friendly documentation has never been greater. Whether it be due to legislation such as Workplace Health and Safety or simply best practice to satisfy your clients and customers, your business needs documents that your employees can understand and use. I can do this for you.

Business Presentation Design

A presentation is a story. It has structure. It has meaning. It should be interesting. And if done well it can inform or convince others as you see fit. I can not only create a professional business presentation, I can write you the script required to bring it to life.

Information Security Management

Your information is critical to your business. I have experience with ISO 27001:2013, the international standard for information security. I can provide management-level advice on setting in place policies and procedures to secure your systems.

Illustrations and graphics

I can provide illustrations for books, manuals or some other media. My tools of choice are Photoshop, Blender and DAZ Studio. I can create 3D models of equipment and use these models in building illustrations and diagrams.

The power of Instagram to showcase my photographs and images

Social media has changed the way we think about promoting ourselves and our brands. While I currently use Instagram and DeviantArt to promote my photographic and artistic talents, I am also aware of many other tools out there that do the same and more. I am happy to help your business explore social media opportunities.

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