My first graphics to hit an international publication

Hi all, :)

This is just a brief bit of joy that I want to share with you. As you may remember from one of my earlier posts, I was working on building a 3D model of an X-Ray machine. Well, I incorporated the model into scenes that I created to help explain an abstract on the impact of radiation on the eyes of nurses in X-ray rooms. These  graphics are to be published in an international medical journal and shown at an international conference in Paris. Glenn Ison (who is giving the presentation) has informed me that the moderator was impressed by the graphics. Yippee! :)  Glenn also posted the following on my Facebook to let me know what is happening (albeit, judging from the spelling and grammar he did it in a very rushed manner). :)


I won’t post the finished pictures until the presentation has been given later in May. But it is good to know that my graphics work meets approval at an international level.