Two’s company. Three is more interesting.

Two's company. Three is more interesting.

The Author

The other day I found myself wondering why a certain scene of mine was so dull. It had conflict. It had heightened emotions. Yet it was still dull.

Essentially the scene was an argument between two characters regarding a course of action. The principal risks were to do nothing and definitely kill 300 people or do something and let an unknown (possibly extremely dangerous) entity loose upon their world. Both characters were shown to possess strong opinions. And yet it was dull.

The answer, I eventually found, was adding a third participant whose role was to stir up trouble between the other two characters in as flippant a manner as possible. Sure, the two other characters were already arguing, but the continuous interruptions of the third character (including some low humour) created a dynamic that I rather enjoyed.

So I recommend this as a technique where conflict is a tad boring.