A second test of my window from 123D Catch in DAZ Studio

A second test of my window from 123D Catch in DAZ Studio


I’ve composed a second image in DAZ Studio using the church window I scanned as a 3D object using Autodesk 123D as per previous posts. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

I’ve only got one fairly diffuse spotlight shining on the scene and that is a light blue light to give a slightly creepy mood. I looked at some reference material of faces that were surprised and shocked and parted the model’s mouth and fiddled with the eyes till they felt right. (Note: “reference material” just means I used a Google search with images).  I felt that the green dress best suited the over-all colour scheme of the picture. I also gave the model green-eyes. Other than lighting, one of the biggest decisions was the angle from which to take the image!

gothic mood

This visual can help me to clarify my thoughts in the direction of the novel that I am writing. It has elements of darkness about it. Certainly I would encourage most would-be authors to really study images and learn to see what it is that they are describing. If they can use tools like this, or reference books, or Google, then all the better.

The model I’ve used in this image is DAZ Studio’s Victoria 4.2 with end_of_summer hair.




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