Facial Expressions in DAZ Studio 4.7 and a thankyou

Facial Expressions in DAZ Studio 4.7 and a thankyou


I’ll start with the thankyou. The person that I wish to thank is my sister-in-law Kylie Ison. Kylie has a blog called “Body Transformations: Never Give Up on Yourself”. It was Kylie’s personal journey into blogging that encouraged me to follow. It is Kylie’s motto (never give up on yourself) which is an inspiration to me and to those around her. Yes, I blog about writing my novel and playing with computer graphics, but Kylie’s blog is about something much more important – ourselves. Please take a moment to look at her blog and be inspired.

Today my blog is about facial expressions in DAZ Studio 4.7. In case you have not figured it out yet, I love this application. This is despite being so completely average in its use compared to some magnificent artists out there.   Here is a incredibly simplistic picture that it took me all of 4 minutes to produce.


It is not “art” quality work. It is just a simple picture to demonstrate the potential of this product for character design. Typical of my tastes it is fairly dark and shadowy.

The video below will demonstrate how to create facial expressions. It will step you through inserting one of DAZ’s free models into a scene, zooming in on the face, clicking on a few tabs to reach the facial expression sliders and then experimenting with them. Nothing in this video is difficult. It only takes 3 minutes!

So for all you people out there who want to learn how to create images using software such as DAZ Studio and are perhaps feeling a little intimidated by it, let me just echo Kylie’s words: never give up on yourself!


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  1. Thanks Greg!!!!!!
    Never give up on the facial expressions!



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