Posing a figure in DAZ Studio

Posing a figure in DAZ Studio


This is the sequel to the post about using Autodesk’s 123D Catch to make an environment for a DAZ Studio image. Again I have a video of me talking as I fiddle away with DAZ Studio.

What you are going to see in this video is me adding a standard figure to the scene (it comes with the free Genesis Essentials Pack). I will then drag a pose onto it from a catalogue of poses and then do my own fine tuning. I will also show you how to rotate the character and change the camera angle to get a better shot.

As an extra I will demonstrate resizing of the architectural prop (I did that last time too, so think of it as a refresher).

The next thing to think about in any scene is lighting. All the great photographs have good lighting. This is where we see one of the problems with 123D Catch. Objects created in it will have their own light settings. Hence you might have the entire scene in darkness, but the object will have its own light settings and might end up just radiating light. I demonstrate this with a render and then go back to start fiddling with lights – both those of the environment and those of the object itself. In the end I settle for no light coming from the object itself, but a spotlight of orange that looks good on the figure and enhances the depth of the architectural feature.

One thing to note is that just as I made this video (using DAZ Studio 4.6), DAZ Studio 4.7 was released. The interfaces are very slightly changed, but you should be able to easily work out any differences.

So if you are interested, then please take a look at my video below. It should give you a sense of what you need to do to create the picture I showed you in Part 1. Once again, I am no video professional, just an amateur. So don’t expect it to be some smooth, polished product. But hopefully it is insightful.