Sculptris and then a review of a texture pack that authors can use as a resource

Sculptris and then a review of a texture pack that authors can use as a resource


Hi all,

This post starts off with a chat about an application called Sculptris and then talks about a texture pack that I highly recommend for anyone looking at creating affordable, high quality book art.


I had originally intended to write a little piece about a free 3D sculpting program called Sculptris. It is free and can be downloaded from here. Some months I created the following image of mushrooms using objects I created in Sculptris and then imported into DAZ Studio.


There are two types of imaginary mushrooms that I crafted in Sculptris. It was so simple. It took about 30 minutes. I then made the textures using Paint.NET and Sculptris let me then paint them on,

The only problem is that Sculptis seems incompatible with my screen recording software (which is SnagIt and which I really love). Every time I run the two Sculptris crashes. So I cannot show you how to do these mushrooms.

For me this is really annoying and it highlights one of the main problems with Sculptris. While it is a fun little program that is very easy to use and can make marvellous objects, it has only ever reached Alpha release before being abandoned by its creator. I query whether this makes it a worthy investment in time to learn. Nevertheless, give it a go and see what you think.

Hopefully I will find an alternative program that operates similarly and then I can show you how to create fantasy mushrooms. I know that Blender does something similar but I am still somewhat over-awed by Blender. Maybe I need to get over that.

Ron’s Background Images and Textures

So this aside, I will write a review of a wonderful texture pack that I used in creating the picture that is going on my novel cover.


This was created in DAZ Studio. If you have a look near the background figure casting a purple-white blasting spell, you will see a wonderful clock-like portion of wall. This is a background from a pack called “Ron’s Background Images and Textures” and is created by a very talented artist called Deviney. The actual background close up looks like:


In my cover picture it is also in a niche and hidden slightly by some architectural features. This said, its a great image. Look at the intricacies! The colours are superb. I was certainly pleased by the impact it had upon the otherwise plain wall of the room in my picture.

The pack contains 70 backgrounds. I show a screenshot of the folder on my PC that holds these so you can see the magnificent range of colours and designs. I can easily imagine these being used on book covers and behind maps and other pictures. Indeed, that is how I will use them.


Besides these the pack also contains 25 chalkboard textures (yes, they look like scratched versions the old classroom chalkboard) and 31 Antique 1800’s Tintype textures (basically they look like old scratched metal). While these chalkboard and tin textures aren’t bad, it really is the superb backgrounds that I can see really being useful to the book author seeking to minimise their costs.

Deviney tells us that the purchaser is permitted:

  • to use these images in post work renders for commercial and non commercial use.
  • to use these as a merchant resource to create own works and resale.
  • to use on photo stock sites but not as competition at DAZ3D where the creator sells these themselves

However the purchaser must not:

  • resell as is
  • repackage and redistribute in any way, shape or form.

So yes, you can use these as part of your own works.

How much do these cost? At the time of writing they cost about $25 (I’m assuming that is US dollars).

Just a disclaimer: I have never met or been in any contact with Deviney, but I have bought and used his pack. I love it and I consider it a sound investment as I intend to create many more book covers.

Hope you found this useful