Thanks plus goals for this blog in 2015

Thanks plus goals for this blog in 2015



Firstly a big thanks to everyone who follows or reads this blog. An even bigger thanks to those special few who have chosen to leave comments! To be honest, I really did not expect much interest. So imagine the surprise that I feel knowing that since establishing this blog in July I have had 1,214 views.  In December alone I have had 487 views and 254 visitors.


My YouTube channel is also thriving, having had 1,161 views. The most popular video by far was my quick look at Facial Expressions in DAZ Studio 4.7  which has had 935 views. Again surprising because these are very amateurish.

Yes, before anyone comments that these numbers are puny compared to others out there – I know. But still… wow! So far beyond my expectations.

Goals for 2015

In 2015 I have a number of topics that I wish to explore. A lot of these revolve around the concept of story and my beliefs that writers, artists, photographers, musicians, film-makers etc. need to embrace the entire storytelling form and not confine themselves to one particular aspect. This is not to say that we should abandon our specialties, but instead that we can enrich ourselves by learning other forms of the story and then bring that learning back to our own primary form.

I intend to further experiment with computer tools for creating art and share my learnings with you all. I am still convinced that writers should learn to generate at least a small part of their own cover or interior art.

In respect to writing, expect further posts on science fiction and fantasy topics. The entire concept of quality in writing needs further exploration. Writing for professional authors is a product and like any product it should be managed in such a way as to produce a quality outcome for customers.

As I wish to improve my blogging skills I will probably undertake a few online blogging courses and this place will be the subject of those. So I guess some weird and wonderful things may end up here due to that.

And I wish to explore computer games and their contribution to storytelling. This derives from the fact that between 2000 and 2010 I was heavily involved with online multiplayer games.  Indeed my long-time nickname “SoulThief” comes from those days. You see, for a while I ran an Australian gaming “clan” called WAR (Warriors Assassins Rebels) which had over 80 members and competed in a number of Gaming ladders. Halcyon days, my friends.

I am also wondering whether I can get my artistic skills to a point where I can sell art. Who knows, eh?  (Well, I have sold a landscape to someone in Japan but that was a once-off.)

Finally, I hope to recover from whatever it is that is plaguing my right arm and then to lose some more of this blasted weight!

Once again thank you to everyone and I wish you all a safe and successful 2015.




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