To map or not to map – Part 3

To map or not to map - Part 3


I now have a “photo” map of what Shade looks like. The combination of Bryce and Photoshop was great. I also spent a lot of time referencing Google Maps to get a sense of colours and geography.

Notice that since my previous pictures of the map I have flipped it to its true east-west direction. I also decided to crop off any bits of geography not used in the story, such as a lot of the high peaks to the south. I felt that this puts more of a focus on the story-related parts of the map.

As a would-be novelist this now gives me an idea of what I am dealing with. But it will not be the map that ends up in the novel. For that I want something more along classic fantasy map styles. This latter will also be the map with the labels on it.


I can now “feel” some of my suburbs. Lazy Bottoms – so called because it silts up frequently is to the eastern part of the city. Nearby are the long grasslands full of giant mushrooms that stretch next to the canal and through which Burn must travel went disembarking from the Key. The Rope is suitably stretch out along the northern shore. And everywhere I can see rivers and canals (albeit faintly).

A lot of work for a mere writing aid!



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