Using Excel charts to create a cityscape for an illustration

Using Excel charts to create a cityscape for an illustration


Hi all. After a bit of rest I managed to finish off this post and video for you. My arm and shoulder are still hurting, and I will have an MRI tomorrow, but I really wanted this out there as it was mostly done.

Below is a very simple “super-hero flying up out of a city” type picture. You see them in comics all the time.


The very basic buildings in the background are actually a screenshot of an Excel 3D column chart.

Cool eh?

Well, the picture is pretty average, but a good enough illustrator could probably do something quite fancy with it. The point is, I wanted to prove that it is possible. Perspective can be a time-consuming pain-in-the-neck when working on an illustration and I believe that something like Excel, if used with a bit of imagination, can help with that.

Here is the video showing how I did the cityscape:

Notice that I am not doing a talk-over this time. I am experimenting with YouTube’s free music for videos.

For the end-product picture that uses the cityscape background I used:

  • DAZ Studio to create the flying figure (using my favourite Darkon Suit costume on a Genesis 2 male)
  • Paint.NET to put it together

I hope that this little experiment is of some interest.




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