Aurelia’s Tempting plus Posts I like and Blogs I follow

Aurelia's Tempting


Aurelia’s Tempting My initial plan was to use DAZ Studio to create a Caravaggio-style image. As you see it did not quite work out. The colours were not as desired, being too bright and the entire picture did just not “feel” as intended. However I was happy with the light-dark contrast and generally like the picture as it is. So I will retain this and have another go at a Caravaggio-style image on a different topic. raender

The topic that I chose to represent came from the back story of my novel-in-progress. It is the scene where a character named Aurelia (twin sister of Portentia) decides to abandon her heritage as a Gnosian while experiencing her “Tempting”. The Gnosian’s are a witch-breed with a distinct religion and they keep themselves separate from the general community of Shade. For this reason they wear masks when outside of their fortress-city of Shushtar. A “tempting” is a rite of adulthood where Gnosians spend 40 days among the general population of Shade before deciding their own future. Displaying her semi-naked is a visual metaphor. It strengthens the image of her taking off the mask and abandoning her Gnosian heritage and, by association, her Gnosian morality. Later she becomes quite the seductress and goes on to spawn my villain. I have her staring into the eyes of the mask held out before her as if contemplating her decision. All the models used in this picture were purchased from About half were free. For those interested, here are some screen shots of how I set up the scene in DAZ Studio.

behind side As you can see it was very minimal and I had to keep it dark in the setup because the renderer (LuxRender) made the light a lot brighter. So hope you like it.

Posts I like and Blogs I follow

Today’s task in Blogging101 is to follow five new posts and blogs. The fact is, I already follow a fairly large number based upon diverse interests and I add to this list on most days. So rather than make a paltry little list of blogs that I follow, I will provide the criteria of what makes me decide to follow a blog.

I think one key thing is that the writer’s character appeals to me for some reason. I’m not particularly fond of people on soap-boxes (however good the cause) nor of people who whinge and whine. I want to read the thoughts of people who are passionate about their topic in a joyful sense, or who simple enjoy life or who can make me laugh. Often people who write travel blogs, creative blogs and even science/technology blogs demonstrate these characteristics. Yes, I do follow some blogs where the blogger does nothing but post an artwork every day or so. These don’t thrill me as much, but if the art is worthy then I will follow.

Lastly I follow the blogs of people who take the effort to contribute to my blog by posting comments. This latter is not a reciprocal arrangement or politeness on my part. I do it because I figure that anyone who wants to initiate a conversation regarding something that I have posted must therefore share some common ground with me and also be the type of participatory person I will enjoy.

Thanks for reading this today.




  1. I guess that is the best way to make friends IRL: “the [person]’s character appeals to me for some reason”. In comparing your three pics, I notice the first one has an ‘indoors’ feel and the other two an ‘outdoors’ feel. I wonder which you are aiming for. I expect that all the little ‘widget’ marks around her upper body are tilt guides from the tool, but they do look like an interesting side-effect of her race…
    The only things that bothered me about any of these is in the third pic, the bottom of the vase looks like it’s toppling over, and her pale nostrils look like she has a light in her head. But that would also be interesting….


    1. Hi :) Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are correct – it’s the same principle as in real life. :-) Some people are just appealing to me and others aren’t. Not that I won’t give people a chance if they want to be friends and don’t initially appeal to me. But you know what I mean :-)

      Your “outdoors” comments are correct. My DAZ Studio skills are very typical of someone who has taught themselves something – pretty good in some areas and woeful in others. Lighting is a real weakness for me and one that I am struggling to develop. I really wanted a semi-outdoors feel with a creepy night sky and in my test renders using DAZ’s default renderer this was the case. But once I moved to LuxRender (which produces much more visually appealing renders) I lost the sky. I know it has something to do with my lighting but spent two days trying to figure it out and have yet to achieve understanding :-(

      You are spot on about the tilt guides. :-) It took me ages to pose her. And yes, it does look like she has light in her nose in the third pic. Someone who uses Poser (part of the same family of products) noted something similar about the inside of models’ mouths.

      It’s funny, the outcome was not a all how I expected and yet I do like it :-)

      Once again, thanks :-)


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