Australia Day, Wicked, Site changes, & Writing

Australia Day, Wicked, Site changes, & Writing



Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! For those of you not from a land down under, today is my country’s national day of celebrating who we are. For many of us (myself included), that means grateful citizens born overseas who have been given chances they may not otherwise have had. Like most countries we have flaws, but I am proud of this place and would not live anywhere else.


Yesterday my wife, daughter and myself travelled in by train to Sydney to see the musical Wicked. I loved it! For those of you unfamiliar with it, the musical revolves around the early life of the Wicked Witches of Oz and Glinda the Good. While the music score was average, the wit of the dialogue and the superb acting really enchanted me. I was swept away with the characters and was even emotionally moved at the ending. Lucy Durack played Glinda perfectly and totally cracked me up with her portrayal and comic timing. I recommend this musical.

Site changes

This site, now known as Greole, started life in 1996 as a free Geocities site. At the time I used it for a number of passions including art, programming, history, university assignments and genealogy. When Yahoo bought Geocities I purchased a small business account to retain it but pretty much left it untouched until mid-2014 when I installed WordPress. Last night I started a new page dedicated to my genealogical interests. I won’t intrude them on this blog, but felt that you guys should know. My other interests will probably follow with their own pages. I’m also going to investigate some ideas learnt from Blogging 101 regarding my menus and layouts.

Writing – my short story

Two days ago I told you all that I had finished the short story that I intended to submit to an anthology. I said that I would put it aside for a couple of days and then re-read.

I have done so.

OK – I found some things that I needed to change and I genuinely think that these are improvements. Particularly my new last line. I love it. Stephen King said (somewhere, in one of his articles on writing) that reading a story after a bit of a break is a good thing for an author. I expect that he meant more than two days, but I am in kind of a hurry.

I will let these changes settle for another two days. Make some final changes and send it off.

In all honesty I expect a rejection slip. This is the first piece of completed fiction that I have written since… um… some time in the mid-1990s. I was rejected at the time. But after that I had a few non-fiction magazine articles accepted and two management text-books published. Hopefully the non-fiction writing skills are transferrable. Hopefully. Pretty please.

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