Changing my blog title and other nonsense

Changing my blog title and other nonsense


I’ve decided to change my blog title to “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist, Artist, Author, Experimenter and General Eccentric”. As part of the course “Blogging 101” they said to consider making the title more appropriate. I think that this meets the specification.

So why this?

Well, besides the obvious I just felt that simple having “Home to Gregory Long – Fantasist” was a bit limiting. Probably the best descriptor there is eccentric.

This aside, I was very excited to discover that a blog called “Excel Roundup” had linked to my article on using Excel to create cityscape backgrounds for use in illustrations. That link practically doubled my readership! I will obviously have to write more articles on using Excel for artistic purposes. I actually love Excel and generally tend to think that most people in business totally underutilise its abilities to generate beautiful charts.

Having said that, my next artistic project (as opposed to my writing one) is to see whether I can use DAZ Studio to create an image in the style of Caravaggio. Caravaggio, for those of you unfamiliar with Sixteenth Century Italian painters, was a um… Sixteenth Century Italian painter. His dramatic use of light influenced the Baroque movement. So expect that in a few days.




PS: as an aside, here is a link to an exhibition called “Beyond Caravaggio” at the National Gallery of Ireland.



  1. Caravaggio indeed was en eccentric. Painting his own head on a plate to get grace again after having killed somebody. His paintings are outstanding.
    I would like to get my posts in greater interaction with other bloggers.


    1. Thank you for visiting ☺ I agree, Caravaggio was unique. He is one of many artists whose works pull at me. I think its his use of light. Greater interaction with other bloggers is a great thing. I never thought that anything would drag me away from Facebook until i got involved with the blogging community. So pleased to meet you ☺


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