Free tree and plant models at XFrog

Free tree and plant models at XFrog


XFrog are a company that specialise in Organic Procedural 3D Modelling and Plant Models. Looking at their website and its gallery I am blown away. The plant models look superb. In fact, I so wanted to get my hands on some of their products…

The only thing was that my favourite tool DAZ Studio was not mentioned among the products supported (at least I could not see it). This said, they did support the OBJ object type and I know that these can be imported in DAZ Studio. So I started rubbing my hands together gleefully. Mwahahahahaha.

Below is a screenshot of the product formats that it supports (Maya, Lightwave, modo, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Vue, OBJ, 3DS, and Terragen).


However the thing that excited me was that they were giving away a number of their plant models. That was so cool! Click on this link to find them: Yes, you had to create an account with them but that is pretty standard for anything like this. So I created at an account and added the free plants to my shopping cart.

But how did they look in DAZ Studio?

I decided to test one model: the Blue Gum. Here is a shot of what the XFrog site reckons that the model looks like:


So I downloaded it from the URL in the email that they sent me upon purchase. It took a while. Inside were 70 files: tiff, mtl, obj and so on.

I selected an obj file and imported into DAZ. The first thing that I noted was that these objects are very small. They come up to the ankle of the Genesis figure. Therefore their scale needs to be significantly increased. Here is how it rendered without a background and with only a simple spotlight.


Next I tried rendering it with LuxRender. Here is the output:


Cool! I reckon that I can use these perfectly.

Personally I reckon that if you are interested in building scenes with DAZ Studio then you should take a look at XFrog and their offerings. Download some of the free plants (while they remain free – not sure how long that is) and test them out.

No – I have no affiliation with them and get nothing for pointing you at them. However, just like all of you I love a good bargain and absolutely adore free things – especially quality free things.

Over the next week I will use some of these in proper scenes and we can decide together as to whether they look as cool as I think they do.





  1. Xfrog do rotate their samples, but I have not yet determined if there is any method to that. All I know that if you’re patient enough and a subscriber to the newsletter (so as to get the heads-up on when the new sample range is being rolled out), you can amass a good number of HQ plant models eventually =)


    1. Cool :) I have subscribed, so let’s see what comes of it :) I reckon that I can have a lot of fun with their plants :)


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