“Tears of blood” created using DAZ Studio and Photoshop

Tears of a blue priestess


The current short story upon which I work features blue priestesses who tell fortunes using cups filled with tears of blood.

So I wanted to make a picture of such a priestess. I envisioned a close up of her face with the blood tears flowing.

The first step was putting the basic scene of the head together in DAZ Studio.


As my renderer for DAZ Studio (and Blender for that matter) I sometimes use Luxrender. I don’t use it for all my renders, but in this case it felt right. (I cannot give you a good reason – it’s just artistic judgement deciding when things look “right” in one renderer versus another). Luxrender cost me a little money (shock! horror!) but it can get some nice results. Within Luxrender I changed the textures on the Genesis Female model with some custom ones that I had created in Photoshop. Then rendered. Voila!


Now I wanted to add a background. So I used the star tutorial that I shared with you the other day. But tears. There are still no tears!

I searched YouTube (dear, dear YouTube) and found a superb tutorial on blood and another on tears. Here are the links:

Watching and learning from these talented people I was able to follow their instructions and create the following image:

Tears of a blue priestess
Tears of a blue priestess

Cool :-)





    1. Thanks. :) What’s the issue with the YouTube? I’ve only got a few videos up there and am by no means an expert, but if I can provide advice in getting your videos up there then I will. Always happy to help another blogger. :)


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