Time to pick another anthology and write a new short story

Time to pick another anthology and write a new short story


First a big thanks to those people who liked and commented upon my last post about submitting my first story to an anthology. It’s all very exciting and nervous.

I think that the best thing to come out of that experience was getting to know my villain better. But I have no intentions of sitting still for a month an a half awaiting news of success or failure. Time keeps moving and so do I.

So I searched around for calls for stories and found that Parsec Ink have made a call for submissions called “Lost Voices“. That struck a chord with me. In my (never-ending) novel I have a cemetery where the gravestones whisper to my principal wizard character, the Pilot Verdant. In the novel this is a minor detail, intended for setting the mood for his home more than anything else (he lives just beyond this cemetery).

So, thinks me, “ahahahahahaha!” (Unfortunately I do actually think this way).

So what can I write in under 6,000 words in under a month?

Well, I do actually know why the gravestones whisper. That is all part of my fairly mind-numbing thorough world-creation exercise. I won’t tell you guys though. Don’t want to spoil the story. I just need to plot the story so as to be interesting and perhaps even exciting. The last story had a bit of a Lovecraftian horror feel to it. So I want to try something different.

Also, as I have said in previous posts, I find visualising to be a worthwhile exercise. So expect a picture or two that portrays my story. But you may see another picture first because I started on one of Pari before I found out about this anthology. Pari is one of the female protagonists of Tempting in Shade (the aforementioned never-ending-novel expected to be completed some time this century).

Once again a big thanks to my loyal readers and those voices out there that I am beginning to think of as friends. :)







  1. Go Greg! You’re such an industrious, persevering kind of writer, this alone should bring you success!


  2. That is such a kind thing to say. Thank you :)


  3. A short story within a novel. Interesting. Sounds like you might end up writing all the characters’ short stories and then weave their intersections into the novel.


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