Intentions for new picture

Intentions for new picture
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Hi all,

I’m just sharing my intentions with you. Normally my art involves very little planning. I just play till something nice appears. Today I want to actually plan a picture and share the entire process with you. As I want to challenge myself on a few things, this will take a few weeks.

My goals with the picture are:

  • to have dramatic lighting (think Caravaggio or Film Noir)
  • to tell a story in the picture
  • to construct all the architecture in Sweet Home 3D
  • to create and use as many of my own textures as possible
  • to UV Unwrap in Blender
  • to understand and apply Displacement Mapping as a viable partner to Bump Mapping
  • to have multiple people in the picture, each doing something
  • to push my understanding of DAZ Studio’s lighting and shadow functionality

My initial thought for a picture is set in a corridor, late afternoon sunlight streaming through tall thin windows causing stripes of light and shadow. In the corridor are people in Renaissance/Fantasy outfits. I selected these elements because I believe that the clothing could be spectacular and the arrangement of colours interesting.

I will share the journey with you guys and hope that you will participate by giving me advice (both technical and artistic) as it progresses. I may ignore some of it. But I may not. However I will deeply consider every bit of it.



PS: Does anyone know why when I go to the WordPress reader and select “Blogs I follow” I am not seeing the posts from all the blogs that I follow?

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  1. Perhaps you aren’t seeing posts that you follow because those bloggers aren’t posting at the moment you look… And, thank you for following my blog, which posts rather infrequently!


    1. Probably. A shame because I want to see every blog I follow. :) Thanks for visiting and thankyou for your blog :)


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