Step Four of new image: Shields on walls and first light

Step Four of new image: Shields on walls and first light
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Just a quick note about my most recent step. I said that I wanted some shields on the walls. So I designed one in Inkscape using the first part of the following wonderful video by Snowex’s B0X as a guide:

Then I extruded the shield in Blender following the instructions of bugzilla2001  in the following video:

Then I imported it five times into my DAZ Studio scene. In respect to the textures on the shields, I just used PowerPoint to make some simplistic images and imported them in as shown in previous posts on other objects.

I had intended to leave it at that, but felt that the corridor needed some ambience (mood my friends, some beautiful shadowy mood!).

So I made one spotlight outside the windows and a very faint one inside high up on the furthest corner of the room. Here is the result:

shields and light2

And for one certain reader out there… yes, I will look at a banner or two :)

Thanks everyone for your continued interest.





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