Step one of new image: Basic Architecture using Sweet Home 3D

Step one of new image: Basic Architecture using Sweet Home 3D
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Tonight I constructed the basics of a very limited stage for my aforementioned picture. One design decision is to have the scene set in a corridor with strong elements of light and dark. Sweet Home 3D permitted me to construct the basic corridor with ease. So here it is:


The top part is the floor plan. You draw this in Sweet Home 3D . The bottom part is Sweet Home 3Ds projection of the building’s appearance as a 3D object based upon the floor plan as you draw it.  Here is a front(ish) view:


As you can see I have not added any textures as yet.

The design elements that I wanted in this was tall walls (7 metres) and several tall thin windows to one side. The morning (or late afternoon) sunlight will stream through these. The golden coloured object is a flight of stairs (actually two, one after the other due to the room’s height). I’ve also added a few features that look like wall supports just to make the corridor/room look interesting.

Today I also took photos on my phone of my bathroom floor tiles and the walls of a local sandstone building. I will show them to you in my next post, convert them to basic textures and add these to the model.

For any beginners out there, the process was very quick and simple. It took me about 30 minutes. Don’t forget that this is probably my fourth or fifth time using this product, so don’t go thinking that I am some expert. Over the weekend I might try to make a video showing  how simple the process of making a room in Sweet Home 3D actually is.



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  1. Interested to see how this progresses, I’m a little old fashioned and draw everything from scratch!


    1. Nothing old fashioned about drawing everything from scratch. Each of us has our own journey and own destination where art is concerned :) Thank you for visiting and for commenting :) I just hope that my subsequent posts can keep your interest :)


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