Very basic introduction to Sweet Home 3D

Very basic introduction to Sweet Home 3D
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This post is intended for people who want to try to make something in a 3D computer package but feel that it’s all a bit overwhelming. I know how you feel. I do – I promise. Blender, for example, can be awfully frightening when you first power it up. Way too many controls. Sweet Home 3D (introduced to me by one of my friends here) is such a better starting point.

So go to and download and install Sweet Home 3D. There is a free version.

OK. So in my last two posts you saw me create a very simple structure that I intend to use for my next picture. Here it is:



Except for adding my own custom made textures, this entire structure was made using four basic instructions. So I have made four short videos that details each of these.

The first is how to create simple walls. That is all it will show you.

The next video is about modifying those walls. I made my walls taller and thicker than the default settings. To make the roof and the “architectural features” I used the slope functionality.

Now you will want to add doors and windows. I not only add these things but also modify them. So here is the next one.

Finally we want to add colour and textures to our buildings. So this video will show you that.

To reiterate, these are the very basics. You can build very complex models out of just knowing these actions. But like so many complex things, the actions themselves are not difficult.

If you have never tried 3D before and you want to follow these, then I would absolutely love to see what you come up with.

I promise that I will get onto doing the displacement mapping soon, but I just wanted to get this done as I felt that it might be helpful to some people.








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