March 2015

Received Doris' signature and added to picture

Sorry, it’s a bit of a day for posting more than once. Doris kindly sent me her signature and I have added it with my own on the picture. But before I show you the pic, I will share with you an excerpt from her email to me:  “…yes, i like it, it looks like it comes from one of the old adventure games i liked to play, named myst. fun!

The end of Laughing Mark

Today I discovered that a friend had died. He had died almost four months ago. Not much of a friend am I, to remain oblivious to a fact like this for so long. *** A few years back my family joined the local branch of the Doctor Who Club of Australia. There were a few different blokes in the club named Mark, so my daughter distinguished them with nicknames. This one

Using Doris Fiebig's model

The other day a modeller and artist whom I admire greatly (Doris Fiebig) created a particular abstract-type object. Here is the post. So I said that I thought I could use it in a science fiction scene. Well, we chatted and I got a copy of the model and as I played with textures and scenes the following kind of happened. Hope you all like (especially you Doris). I have

Novel inspirations from Bath and next video planned

Hi folks, as you recall, the whole point of my “Finding Forgotten Inspiration” videos is to get ideas for my writing. So the obvious question after watching the video on Bath is “what inspirations did I get?” I list two below. I also tell you my next destination, due next weekend perhaps. Layers of stories The first and foremost is that humans tell stories and layer them. It’s very like

Behold! Finding Forgotten Inspiration: Bath

Well, my appetite for crazy experiments (and publicly humiliating myself) knows no bounds. Here it is: the first in a set of new videos. Hope you get something from it, even if only a laugh at the opening :) Greg     0

Update on travel video - inspiration!

Finding Forgotten Inspirations. Say those three words over a few times. Done so? Cool! That is the name for the new set of YouTube videos that I am currently making – the first to be released this weekend. I was working on my video of Bath and a few random thoughts – new viewpoints – blundered into the emptiness of my head. These were suggestions/interpretations for my novels and stories

Site changes, writing plans, travel videos, art, Keratoconus

By now you are probably certain that I am insane, or at least overly-ambitious with my plans. But here are some more, as well as some progress. Site changes If you haven’t noticed I have really been playing with the gamer pages on this site. Pages? Yes, plural. I figured that I wanted to write my entire experience from the first computer game I played in a museum in Birmingham

A few changes to the site

Hi all, just a little post to tell you about a few changes to this blog site. I’ve now added a contacts page. A friend of mine suggested the need for people to contact me privately, and so here it is. I’ve also changed the name of the “WAR Clan” page to “My gamer life” and in it I will be adding totally self absorbed stories about my experiences playing

Desert crash is finished

Ok – here it is. Drum roll please… Hope you like it :) Greg     0

Progress on desert scene

Hi all, just about to run off to work, but thought that I would share my progress from last night’s work on the desert scene. I’ve added a large but faint blue gas giant in the sky, a crashed spaceship and some smoke. I’m still uncertain about that smoke. I’m thinking about adding some footprints in the sand and maybe some stars in the part of the sky not obscured by the

New artwork begins plus my first rejection

Today’s topics are the man in desert scene that I said that I would commence, and feedback from the Monsters anthology publishers (perhaps my post title is a spoiler). Desert My plan went like this: Make a desert landscape in Bryce (because I already own it) and export that to the Unreal Engine. In the Unreal Engine create some totally awesome materials and paint them on the desert. Create a

Progress of writing and plan for next art work

Hi all, today I will submit a progress report on my writing and also my plans for my next work of art. Let’s do the writing bit first. Lost Voices My story for this failed at about 1,000 words. No, not because I had lost interest. Simply put, I could not find a satisfactory ending. Here’s the synopsis: Refugee girl (deceased parents) works in a children’s gang that mugs children

Importing textures into the Unreal Engine

  Hi :) As you know, I said that I would investigate the Unreal Engine as a tool for the creation of art. You also saw a very simplistic video that  showed my bathroom tiles on an object. Well, here is a video tutorial showing how to: import the aforesaid tiles into the Unreal Engine, apply them to an object, give them some depth with a Normal Map, control the shine with

Lawn mowing, masculinity and rebranding my videos

  Two topics today. The first was born of me mowing my back yard. The second is me thinking about how to make my YouTube channel better. Mowing and masculinity I live in a suburb of Sydney where lawns (front and back) are kept tidy and presentable. The men in my neighbourhood spend their weekends washing their cars, mowing their lawns and undertaking all manner of house maintenance. They do

My first "wee" impressions of the Unreal Engine as an artist

I am sure that my Scot relatives are going to frown at my use of “wee” meaning “tiny”. Oh well. So I downloaded the Unreal Engine and fired it up. I tried importing a few things and got errors. Damn! As with most complex things it was not immediately user friendly. But somehow I managed to import my floor tile texture – you know, the one made from a photo

Downloading the Unreal Engine

Hi all, Three days ago (2 March 2015) Epic decided to make the Unreal Engine free. So I am downloading it as I write (it’s about 3 Gigs, I lie not)… Hang on, I hear you say (which demonstrates either amazingly acute hearing or really scary delusional tendencies on my part – and I know which I suspect). Just who is Epic and what is the Unreal Engine. OK – in

Content used in "Unexpected"

This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Time to give credit where credit is due. This may be a bit of a boring read for many, but to some it will be interesting.  So don’t waste your time reading if lists of digital content leaves you wanting to bang your forehead against cold granite. I won’t mind :) To make “Unexpected” I used a lot of models bought over the past year or so. Here they are. Lady in blue

Finished! My new piece of art.

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Hi all, Well, just as I said, I performed the post-production using Photoshop. To do this I first rendered the scene at 7800 pixels by 3900 pixels. In DAZ Studio, with all my lights etc. it took about 20 minutes of chugging before finally giving me a picture. I ended up doing this several times before I was truly satisfied. Originally I had intended to do streaming sunlight, but it just

Step Six of new image: Lighting

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Slap me in the face with a herring and call me Stinky! My last post I said that it was time for post-production. Totally wrong. That’s what happens when you spend six straight hours positioning and posing models – the brain goes gaga. I also forgot to tell you what models and gear I used. Well, I will leave that up to my concluding post on the topic. So lighting

Step Five of new image: Adding and posing figures

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series Fantasy art piece with free 3D tools

Hi all :) Today I played a tiny bit more with colours (the carpet is now purple) and added and posed some figures. So I thought that I would tell you my philosophy about posing figures. It is based upon my little bit of experience in amateur theatre. You see, back in the 1980s I had this cunning plan to meet girls. The plan involved being one of a small