A few changes to the site

A few changes to the site


Hi all, just a little post to tell you about a few changes to this blog site. I’ve now added a contacts page. A friend of mine suggested the need for people to contact me privately, and so here it is. I’ve also changed the name of the “WAR Clan” page to “My gamer life” and in it I will be adding totally self absorbed stories about my experiences playing games. LOL. I might also add some photos from my gamer life. :)

Behind this site I have my old geocities site. I am thinking about cleaning that us and redesigning within WordPress. The code on that site dates from the 1990s! Some fun fractal stuff and other things that people may find interesting, so I don’t want to lose it.

I am also thinking about writing more about my life with Keratoconus. Statistics tell me that a surprisingly large number of people visit this blog purely for that post of mine. Obviously others struggle with it, so perhaps I can be a voice for coping and enjoying life despite it.

Anyway, so this boring little posts tells you what to expect. Have a lovely day :)