Content used in “Unexpected”

Content used in "Unexpected"
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Time to give credit where credit is due. This may be a bit of a boring read for many, but to some it will be interesting.  So don’t waste your time reading if lists of digital content leaves you wanting to bang your forehead against cold granite. I won’t mind :)

To make “Unexpected” I used a lot of models bought over the past year or so. Here they are.

Lady in blue dress

Standard Genesis model that came with DAZ Studio. The skirt came with the Vanity dress set. The top is actually the jacket from the Magus set. However I used plain blue for the sleeves instead of the set textures. She also has Pen Hair. Her necklace is from Evilson.

Lord next to Lady

Again a standard Genesis model. Essentially he is just dressed in the Asgard Cleric costume. However I did also add the Evilson shoulder plates. On his head is Toulouse Hair from the Genesis Female starter pack.

Lordling near stairs

Also a standard Genesis figure to which I applied a face morph. His top half is outfitted with a Battle Guardsman tunic over which I placed a vest from the DAZ starter pack. I did, however, play slightly with the fitting of the latter to make it more interesting. On the lower half he wears Evilson pants.


Another Genesis model, he is wearing the LJ_Shirt and LJ_Pants from the DAZ starter pack. His hair is Hawthorn Hair, intended for females but appropriate for a male in a fantasy setting.

Armoured Warrior

Simply a Genesis model in a Nano Suit.

Now to contemplate my next work. Thank you for reading :)


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