Downloading the Unreal Engine

Downloading the Unreal Engine


Hi all,

Three days ago (2 March 2015) Epic decided to make the Unreal Engine free. So I am downloading it as I write (it’s about 3 Gigs, I lie not)…

Hang on, I hear you say (which demonstrates either amazingly acute hearing or really scary delusional tendencies on my part – and I know which I suspect). Just who is Epic and what is the Unreal Engine.

OK – in all fairness many of you know who and what I am talking about. If, like me, you lost an incredibly insane proportion of your life to playing online games then you know. Alternatively if you instead have a normal social/family life with lots of friends…

Let’s start again for those unfamiliar with what I am speaking about. The company known as EPIC (in one incarnation or another) started in 1991 as a producer of computer games. In 1998 they created the brilliant first-person shooter game called Unreal. It made the player feel like they were looking through the eyes (hence “first person”) of a prisoner escaping a crashed space prison ship. Aliens were everywhere and I had to deal with them. The terror and excitement of it all! I wasted untold hours in this game.

But the point is, such games run on things called game engines. And these game engines are a software framework that provide a suite of tools for creating and manipulating graphics, sound, physics and artificial intelligence. In other words, game developers use game engines to create really cool sights and sounds etc.

Over the years the Unreal Engine has evolved into a really quite impressive. Indeed, to show how cool it is EPIC made the following video:

The artist in me cries out in delight. I have to learn this. Not to make games but to make art!

Anyway, I have used one of my old gaming accounts and downloaded it from

And so I sit here, writing my post and watching a number tick over from 23% complete to 24%. Tick, tick, tick…

I will report back to you guys on this once I am capable of making anything is passably pretty. But don’t worry – I won’t abandon you all. In the meantime I have lots of things to occupy myself. I am breaking down my novel into a couple of smaller ones.  I also have a few other arty things to play with. And there is always my precious DAZ Studio. :)

Thanks again for reading.




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  1. Wow, that’s great news. I have to go check out their terms of use.


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