Finished! My new piece of art.

Finished! My new piece of art.
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Hi all,

Well, just as I said, I performed the post-production using Photoshop. To do this I first rendered the scene at 7800 pixels by 3900 pixels. In DAZ Studio, with all my lights etc. it took about 20 minutes of chugging before finally giving me a picture. I ended up doing this several times before I was truly satisfied.

Originally I had intended to do streaming sunlight, but it just did not look any good. I did notice that the arch in the background was architecturally incorrect and so fixed that during post-production. It just looked like someone had cut a hole in a wall. So I needed to craft it so that the stone blocks looked appropriately shaped for an arch. I also lightened the windows where the light struck them and darkened the adjoining shadows. I did this in a rough manner to add a sense of imperfection – the kind that nature produces.

And so here it is:


You probably need to click on it to see it at its right resolution. However it is nearly a megabyte in size (for those of you using your phones).

I have called it “Unexpected” and have added several elements supporting this. The lady is raising her finger, pointing at the armoured figure. The lord is grimacing. In the background another nobleman is hugging his head in disbelief. And the servant who is humbly introducing the armoured figure has his head slightly turned this way as if surprised by the response. If you look closely you will notice that the armour is more science-fiction-like that fantasy or medieval. Is that the unexpected element – he is a space warrior? Or is it something else?

So there you go, a room made in Sweet Home 3D turned into a render in DAZ Studio using home-made textures. Perhaps not the greatest work of art, but proof of concept that these tools are capable of producing wonderful works. Proof that any of you can produce your own cover art or book art. Not a single step that I took required anything more than patience (admittedly a damn lot of that!). Every step in of itself was simple.

Once again, thanks again for reading this blog. :)


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  1. Beautiful work, Greg! As a graphics artist myself, I can appreciate the time, effort and precision that goes into getting an art piece “just right.” Very nice. :)


    1. Thank you so much! ☺ Such comments mean a lot to me ☺ I only see flaws when i look at my own work.


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