Lawn mowing, masculinity and rebranding my videos

Lawn mowing, masculinity and rebranding my videos



Two topics today. The first was born of me mowing my back yard. The second is me thinking about how to make my YouTube channel better.

Mowing and masculinity

I live in a suburb of Sydney where lawns (front and back) are kept tidy and presentable. The men in my neighbourhood spend their weekends washing their cars, mowing their lawns and undertaking all manner of house maintenance. They do so cheerfully, with great pride. Nearly all of them are lean and fit.  Their conversations revolve around sport and cars, and sometimes women if their better halfs are not around. Beer is their drink of choice and they exude that indefinable masculinity.

Damn that is so not me!

I want to spend my weekends creating art, writing my stories, playing with computer graphics and the such.

Today I had to mow the back lawn. My back lawn is massive. Traditionally there are two ways to mow lawns that I am aware of. The first is the old back and forth method: pushing the lawnmower back and forth in parallel lines. The second way is a sort of circumference method where the lawnmower is pushed around in squares or circles that grow or shrink until the entire lawn is cut.

My approach is different – mainly because mowing bores the living crap out of me. Take a look below – they are the Nazca lines: geoglyphs carved into the Peruvian desert 1500 years ago (give or take).

So when I mow, I do so with the concept that someone looking down from on high might see wondrous meaning in the lines “carved” into my lawn. I mow in imitation of the Nazca lines. This belief keeps me sane for the tedious hour or so that it takes. I love looking at the intersecting lines. Will my neighbours believe that aliens made these lines? Probably not – my neighbours are not overly imaginative. Perhaps some society of crop-circle fanatics will invade my backyard. Unlikely, but…

I pondered today as I mowed. Why do I dislike so much of what is traditionally associated with masculinity in this country? Alas I came to no conclusion other than that I cannot relate to it.

I remember when a program called the I.T. Crowd came out of the UK. My wife said that I was like the character “Maurice Moss”. To give you an idea of what that means, here is the best of Moss that someone put together on YouTube:

Yes – that’s my personality. Sad eh?

Rebranding my YouTube videos

Today I made a new YouTube video. Very proudly I showed it to my wife, I felt that it was one of my best, incorporating better speech (I recorded each sentence by itself and then used the computer to string them together), a new picture in the left margin that showed my artwork, and a little message at the end inviting people to visit this blog. Here it is:

Nicole’s response was to pull up a video from one of her favourite YouTube channels called “Cute Girls Hairstyles“. At the time of writing this it has 3,116,908 subscribers. Nicole then went on to explain to me why she thought this channel on hair braiding was so successful. I sat and listened (see, some men do listen to their wives!). She was right in everything that she said.

OK – so I am going to put my thinking cap on and work out how to be more professional. In the meanwhile, here is a new opening sequence for future videos:

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  1. Y’know, that CuteBraids (or whatever) channel actually made me think again of how little I can relate to anything associated with “traditional femininity” these days. Yeah I do list “clothing and hair design” whenever I get a field online to list interests in… but that’s not in the “popular” sense thereof. No cute braids, that’s for sure.

    // did you actually pick up that I am technically a woman? //

    I haven’t seen much of IT Crowd, but I thought that little guy was fun. Mowing the lawn Nazca-style sounds damn cool; I kinda wish I had a lawn now =)


    1. LOL. I had not considered your gender, and had not really picked up anything indicating one way or the other. I just enjoy your conversation and attitudes :) To be honest, my wife is not what most people would think of as traditionally feminine either (at least not in our circles) but when out daughter was born she suddenly adopted this very uncharacteristic interest in hair braiding. :) I’m glad you liked my Nazca approach to lawns – it keeps me sane (well…) Greg :)


      1. If you didn’t, then I’m actually happy =) To be honest, I have no idea why people have made such a fuss out of genders, all those “real man” / “real woman” stereotypes (and then it gets even more confusing in the LGBT community).

        Well, then the most important thing would be for your daughter to actually truly share Mom’s interest =D


        1. I suspect that your comments have inspired me to think about another post – one based on the “why” of such stereotypes. :) Thanks :)


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