My first “wee” impressions of the Unreal Engine as an artist

My first "wee" impressions of the Unreal Engine as an artist


I am sure that my Scot relatives are going to frown at my use of “wee” meaning “tiny”. Oh well.

So I downloaded the Unreal Engine and fired it up. I tried importing a few things and got errors. Damn! As with most complex things it was not immediately user friendly. But somehow I managed to import my floor tile texture – you know, the one made from a photo of the tiles on my bathroom floor.  Here’s a picture to refresh your memories (and make this blog post seem longer than it actually should be).


Applying that texture to a boxy-planey thing (technical term that) in the middle of the screen proved as easy as drag and click (yay!).

Then I clicked play.

Cool! So I did it again but with my screen capture on:

The sky is the default (love the lens flares) and the sounds of tweeting birds is also the default. So I need to learn to control both those things.

Nevertheless its a beginning. I am imagining making wonderful 3D art installations that people can visit. Cool :)  I know its been done before, but not by me. :)

Anyway, today was just a brief post. Thanks for reading :)