Progress of writing and plan for next art work

Progress of writing and plan for next art work


Hi all,

today I will submit a progress report on my writing and also my plans for my next work of art. Let’s do the writing bit first.

Lost Voices

My story for this failed at about 1,000 words. No, not because I had lost interest. Simply put, I could not find a satisfactory ending. Here’s the synopsis:

Refugee girl (deceased parents) works in a children’s gang that mugs children of refugees. One night she is accidentally separated from the gang when she overhears two local children speaking about the strange old man who talks with the dead. Apparently there is an ancient cemetery where the gravestones are magic. Her longing for her dead parents makes her decide to force these other children to take her to the cemetery. Her initial obstacle is her very own gang, who would enforce her staying with them. She (somehow) escapes them (with her “captives”) and gets to the canyon where lays the cemetery. This is guarded by a crazy old warrior woman who all three must sneak past. Two of them do this by sending the third to distract the old woman. They eventually find the old man in the cemetery talking to the dead and he tells her that the ghosts here are actually lost souls from eons earlier, That they are imprisoned within the grave stones. The End :(

So not very punchy at the conclusion. I need to dwell more on this and if I get an answer then submit it elsewhere.

Tempting in Shade

I have started dividing my novel up into a number of smaller novels and novellas. It is way too cluttered with subplots and perspectives. I am using Excel to do this.

My next art work

I feel that I now have a very simplistic understanding of the Unreal Engine. So nothing is stopping me from having a go at my first work of art in it :)

I envision a few scenes, but am not sure which I will pick.

One involves the traditional stranger walking through a desert landscape. I know its been done to death by other cover artists but I want to have a go too.

Alternatively, one scene in one part of my book has the warrior-like Burn facing off a villain across a fire in the desert. So maybe that.

I have aspirations to create the landscape in Bryce 3D and import into the Unreal Engine. This would fulfil two of my artistic ambitions (one being that I have not done anything decent in Bryce for over a decade and so would like to have another go). I thought about Terragen and/or World Builder, but both require licences for potentially commercial work and I am not keen on spending too much money until this hobby starts paying for itself.

Thanks everyone for reading :)







  1. How about this for development on the gravestone story. Protagonist and other 2 kids get to old man who speaks to old souls, they say they could come back to life by trading souls with others, and they have learned from their incarceration how to be good people, but they need to live in order to die and go to heaven. So, protagonist and two kids decide to lure the bad gang to the graveyard [you can drum up some methods and twists] in order to swap souls [you can invent some ritual that needs to be performed then] with the bad kid gang. Once they succeed and the souls are swapped, the gang, having ‘changed’ does some good things that undoes all the bad stuff they did, then they have done pennance and can die. [Serendipitous explosion somewhere or crazy infection or mass suicide…]. It’s ok because the bad kids souls will learn there lessons and repeat later….



      You are surprisingly close to one of the elements in the plotline of the novel (Tempting in Shade) that most of my current crop of short stories revolve around. I was hoping that this short story could introduce the idea of ancient “souls” trapped in these old-technology gravestones so that when they are released in Tempting in Shade it makes sense.

      So great minds and all that :)

      Thanks for putting so much effort into replying. I am overwhelmed :)



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