Received Doris’ signature and added to picture

Received Doris' signature and added to picture


Sorry, it’s a bit of a day for posting more than once. Doris kindly sent me her signature and I have added it with my own on the picture. But before I show you the pic, I will share with you an excerpt from her email to me:

 “…yes, i like it, it looks like it comes from one of the old adventure games i liked to play, named myst. fun! i attach my signature file, since you requested it, but really to me this is not necessary. i enjoy seeing you had fun with my little gift :-) thanks for sharing”

I am sure this will embarrass her, but I thought I would show the world what a generous hearted individual she is. :) And once again, a big thanks to her.


I will also add the picture to my gallery.