April 2015

Me, 3D and my fear of Blender

(Expect a long nostalgic egotistical introduction followed by me talking about my irrational fear of Blender – yes, I am self-indulgent! :)  ) In 1991, having completed a Bachelors degree in History & English, I did the obvious thing and enrolled in a Computer Science degree. By this time I had been playing with computers (trying to write games and create graphics) since buying a Commodore 64 in 1983. In

Character review: Pari Azar

A big thanks to those people who responded to my request for help regarding my sixteen year old female character. Based upon those responses and some thought I have built a profile. I also thought back all those years to a few teenage girls whom I had “Deep and Meaningfuls” with when I was a young man.  So here it is, below the picture I created of her some months

Question regarding one of my characters - a teenage girl

My novel, Tempting in Shade (like the way I keep repeating its title? Marketing LOL), follows several characters. You’ve already been introduced to the wizard Verdant Pèlerin, the Pilot responsible for the portal or Lock that people use for entering the domain of Shade. Another character that I follow is Pari Azar, a 16 year old “witch” going on her initiation (her Tempting) among the people of Shade. In reviewing

Ozlife page added plus a new FFI video produced

As the title suggest, I have been up to a couple of things today. Actually, even more than that. My daughter turns 11 in a week’s time, so rather than clean up my art studio from the storms, I’ve been trying to make the back yard presentable for a party. Back to wretched lawn mowing! Luckily another storm saved me by late afternoon. Ozlife What was Ozlife? Well, its full

Storms and memories of past wars

What a day! And it is only 1pm. Started off at 6am standing outside in torrential rain getting electricity flowing back into the house. My wonderful 1940s cottage has an exterior fuse box. The rain and wind guaranteed absolute soaking within a minute. This storm striking Sydney is horrid. The local beaches are losing their sand to the nearby roads, trees are being blown down, roads and train lines are shut

Progress on novel revision plus MissBee

  NOTE: this is a bit of a “what am I up to” post, so don’t expect fireworks :) My revision is underway. Man it is a tough task. I find myself constantly second-guessing my readers and doubting myself. Chapter two, originally my first chapter, proved fairly easy to revise/edit. It had been through the process several times before and I felt reasonably confident about it.  This is where I

Revision progress and first chapter of Tempting in Shade

  Well the revision process is now properly underway. Perhaps some of you more experienced authors out there can tell me how long this is likely to take. I currently have around 150k words and its taken me the best part of a week to do one chapter, albeit a lot of new writing in it. Hopefully I will have it finished by the time I fly off to the

Aurelia's Tempting

Because of my poor eyesight I don’t use live models and have a tendency not to think overly much about their profession. However a lot of artists and photographers do. Hence when I read a post by a model called It’s not Porn it got me thinking. Firstly, what was the post about. Well, the points I took away are that if you are a life model then: you will get

Leaving Scrivener and requesting your opinion on writing style

This is just a brief post. Today I gave up on Scrivener. I have loved that program for so long, but it stopped working on my Windows 7 machine for reasons unknown and the support was less than helpful. So I used it on an ancient laptop to export my draft novel into MS Word and there it shall remain. These things said, I have been experimenting with writing style.

Starting a new painting

So Sunday afternoon Rhiannon (my 10 year old daughter) says to me “Dad, will you paint with me?” Naturally I was thrilled by the idea, only… … I had nothing in mind that I could paint. Back track. If you look at my art you will notice a couple of things. Firstly, my paintings are either portraits or landscapes. Usually I take a photo and paint that. Secondly, my digital art

Simple joys - painting plaster figurines

Today my local cemetery opened its gates, not to let zombies out but to let sight-seers in. Those zombies that did get out were completely unintentional! My wife, always the more macabre of the two of us (hard to believe, eh?), decided to visit. So we all did. I was frustrated that we somehow missed the display of medieval warfare (yes, it’s a rather unusual cemetery) but I ended up

Updating my WAR page and finding my first animation

It’s been a nostalgic few days going through old discs and tapes dating back to the 1990s. Alas many seem to have corrupted and the memories are gone for good. On the bright side, some survive. I guess there is a lesson to be learnt there. Firstly, I have been finding lots of stuff relating to my years as an online gamer. I am recording these years because they coincide

Venice from above

Hi all :) I’ve finished making the next episode of Finding Forgotten Inspiration. This time I’m at the top of St Mark’s Campanile (fancy Italian word for bell-tower) in Venice during the wonderful winter of 1997. So how is this relevant to my writing? Well, several of the characters in my works belong to a society of magi called Gnosians. These live in a stone tower overlooking the city of Shade.

New site theme - Point

Hi all, Today I have transitioned my page from the Twenty Fourteen theme to the Point theme. I wanted a more magazine-like feel to my blog and, after some experimenting with Twenty Fourteen, found that it just could not do what I required of it. After a fair bit of researching and experimenting I settled on Point. I am certainly happy with the outcome. My Venice video is taking time

Finding teenage Greg - over 30 years later

Easter Friday and my family and I hopped onto a train and headed into Sydney. Yes, the sky looked decidedly miserable and treated us to not a few drops, but we were happy enough. Good old Sydney rain at Easter! Today we visited my mum. Mum lives alone in a unit (flat or apartment according to which variation of English you use). She likes living close to a city; above

Another incredibly easy picture made with DAZ Studio

Hi all, By now many of my longer-running readers would probably be wondering where went all the promises of easily-made but professional looking art. So here is one for you guys. The following picture was made in about 30 minutes and required very little skill on my part. Yet I must admit that I really quite like it. The character is Asype, the Western Pilot of Shade. He is a