Another incredibly easy picture made with DAZ Studio

Another incredibly easy picture made with DAZ Studio


Hi all,

By now many of my longer-running readers would probably be wondering where went all the promises of easily-made but professional looking art. So here is one for you guys.

The following picture was made in about 30 minutes and required very little skill on my part.


Yet I must admit that I really quite like it. The character is Asype, the Western Pilot of Shade. He is a mean spirited and sinister old sorcerer who wishes the downfall of Eastern Pilot Verdant. You may recognise that I used him in my last image called Distractions.

I used DAZ Studio and inserted the Generic (and free) Genesis figure. I then used DAZ Studio’s shaping mechanism to morph the Genesis figure midway between its normal shape and a purchased shape called Mr Hyde. The Mr Hyde preset shape is by artist Smay and cost me about $16 Australian. I find the full preset a bit too strong, but this mid-way is rather satisfyingly nasty. Here is a screenshot of what the shaping tab in DAZ Studio is doing:


Next I used my favourite Darkon suit by Mec4D to dress him. At this point let me emphasis that I am a very thrifty shopper when it comes to 3D assets. I aim to buy objects that I can constantly re-use. This is especially true of clothes where I use a practice my wife taught me about my own wardrobe: purchase with mixing and matching in mind. The Darkon suit cost me $25 and yet look how much of my art it appears in. It has so earned its keep.

On his head I placed a turban that came with a fortune teller outfit I actually bought for my Victoria 4 model. LOL.

Behind him I placed a plane using the Create Primitive menu. I played with the speculative, diffuse and ambient colours – making them a dark teal in every case. Then I shoved a random stone normal map onto the plane just to give it bumpiness. LOL.

His facial expression was the standard one for lust that comes with DAZ Studio. So dialled that up to about midway to maximum lust in 15 seconds!

Now when I was a kid I remember that we used to hold a torch up under our chins at night to look spooky. Any of you ever do that? So I figured “why not place a spot light under his chin?” I then got the camera in nice and close. Here is  a screenshot of their placements:


I then rendered this. By now about 25 minutes had gone by. In Photoshop I ran a gentle blur over the highlighted parts of the face to give a very soft and smooth glow. I know that it may seem barely noticeable, but you must trust me that it made a difference. And then added my signature.


So once again I insist that any of you out there do not need to be brilliant graphic artists to have the confidence to start playing with modern applications to create art. I admit that you can give a hundred people the same cameras but only a handful will create works of wonder. The same goes for tools like DAZ Studio. But until you try, how do you know that you’re not part of that handful?

regards and Happy Easter





  1. Wow I’ve never even heard of DAZ. Your art is cool and I really appreciated your comments on your eye condition and pursuing art for its own sake and the satisfaction it brings – I’m slowly learning that. Also, you should see the movie “Tim’s Vermeer” – explores questions of technology and “authenticity” in art- making. Plus it’s funny!


    1. Cool. I just did a search on Tim’s Vermeer and it looks fascinating. :) Thanks for introducing me to that :) As for DAZ Studio – it’s free and very powerful. The company makes money selling models to place in scenes, but with a little bit of self-modelling of 3D objects and buying some cheap stuff it is possible to make amazing images :) Thanks again for visiting and commenting :)


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