Character review: Pari Azar

Character review: Pari Azar


A big thanks to those people who responded to my request for help regarding my sixteen year old female character. Based upon those responses and some thought I have built a profile. I also thought back all those years to a few teenage girls whom I had “Deep and Meaningfuls” with when I was a young man.  So here it is, below the picture I created of her some months ago:

Pari Azar
Pari Azar


Pari, whose name means Fairy Fire in the language of the Gnosian people, is a sixteen year old girl about to undertake her initiation rite. Known as the Tempting, this initiation is forty days living among the common people of Shade. But the Gnosians are not like most of the people of Shade, they are a religious witch breed with few locals who can match them (the only exceptions being the two Pilots, some rogue demons and the sleeping SoulThief). The Tempting is intended to prove Gnosian power to both the locals and the initiates.

Daughter of two of the mightiest Gnosian mages in Shushtar (a city within a city), Pari should not fear the Tempting. But she does. She struggles to control her powers and on several occasions has hurt classmates during training sessions when the magic takes over. It does not help that her powers are so much more than those others around her. This lack of control makes her feel like a failure.

Pari is also very aware of her own body. She is short in stature, flat-chested and feels unattractive. There is one boy who she knows is keen on her, but she cannot return the feeling. Sure, he is everything that a good boyfriend should be (tall, attractive, muscular, friendly, intelligent) but she just feels nothing but friendship for him. This said, she enjoys his doting on her, though it makes her feel guilty to exploit it so. Unfortunately no one in Shushtar attracts her.

Intellectually she is outstanding, having a superb memory and great problem solving skills. The downside of this is that she sees the flaws and dangers in every action and is frequently incapable of acting due to fear. She also dwells upon all of her mistakes, mulling them over in her brain till they grow out of all proportion in her mind.

Religiously she is ambivalent. While she acknowledges the worth of the morality that her people’s religion imposes, Pari wants to experience some forbidden fruit. Not much – just a taste. Her parents are not particularly religious, but behave as if they are when in public. She believes that there is something “out there” but is not sure what. She feels that this is hypocritical. She recognises that her attitude is a problem in a very religious society and hides it. Nevertheless more guilt.

Talking of her parents, her relationship with her father is strong. Both are very similar when it comes to humour and irreverence. Her relationship with her mother is strained. Her mother demands that Pari try her hardest at everything, and constantly pushes her. Pari does not realise her mother’s own insecurities and that the constant pushing is a sign of love.

Her major concern, however, is her father. He has the plague that has recently appeared in Shushtar. She is determined to find a cure during the forty days of her Tempting. She hopes he does not die during this time. Why does she think that she can find a cure? Because the Mages do not use medicine – it is against their religious beliefs. If she can find a cure and force her father to take it then all will be well.

Little does she realise that several people are playing dangerous games in Shade and that she is about to walk into the middle of them.




  1. Looks like it. That has happened to me soooooo mant times


  2. Oh my. And then there is my android app that does not want to post comments to your blog either.

    What I wrote was along these lines… Here are a few questions/ideas that you may want to consider.

    1) What about making her most concerned with some other body part rather than boobs? As a former teenage girl who has never been much in the looks department, I can assure you everything can be a source of teenage angst. For example, her hands may be too large for her build – and you can’t really hide hands. And this may be more interesting for character development than just “omg my breasts are too small, I need to wear a padded bra all the time” (or whatever underwear they wear in that world).
    PS Neither breasts nor hands have ever been much of an issue to me personally LOL

    2) How does she know for sure that guy really likes her? If she feels unattractive, I’d say that when she first notices him being nice to her, she should believe that he is mocking her (because he’s too good to like her). But if she has some real tangible proof – like having read his diary or eavesdropped on a conversation – then yes, then she may believe it’s true.

    3) What does she feel about those incidents with her classmates? Is it fear of being punished, since it was in class = with an authority figure present in the form of a teacher? Is it because she does not want to hurt anyone at all? Is it simply frustration about not being able to cope with her power, and a hurt classmate could have been effectively swapped for a charred antique table without her feelings changing?


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