New site theme – Point

New site theme - Point


Hi all,

Today I have transitioned my page from the Twenty Fourteen theme to the Point theme. I wanted a more magazine-like feel to my blog and, after some experimenting with Twenty Fourteen, found that it just could not do what I required of it. After a fair bit of researching and experimenting I settled on Point. I am certainly happy with the outcome.

My Venice video is taking time to complete, mostly because Easter is busier than I expected. The great thing today was helping my daughter bake a cake.

easter cake

Truth be told my contribution was:

  1. showing her how to finish off mixing the ingredients to ensure they are fully mixed (essentially use a spatula around the edges of the mixing bowl)
  2. playing a range of music from the 80s, 90s and more recent decades to improve her music appreciation skills as she cooked

Rhiannon herself found the recipe and design online. Nicole (my wife, Rhiannon’s mum) also guided her through a few things. This said, Rhiannon did the bulk of the work and I was very proud of her. This is her second recent artistic endeavour. The first was a school Easter hat:



OK – enough of me being a proud father. Happy Easter to all of you and your families.






  1. Wow!! The hat!! what a clever cookie!!!


    1. She has really started to grow in her vision ☺


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