Ozlife page added plus a new FFI video produced

Ozlife page added plus a new FFI video produced

As the title suggest, I have been up to a couple of things today. Actually, even more than that. My daughter turns 11 in a week’s time, so rather than clean up my art studio from the storms, I’ve been trying to make the back yard presentable for a party. Back to wretched lawn mowing! Luckily another storm saved me by late afternoon.


What was Ozlife? Well, its full name was the Ozlife Gaming Network and it was an endeavour by a very dynamic IT bloke down in Melbourne to get into the game provider space back in 2001 (ish). Ultimately, after several years it failed. But man did we have good times while it ran! This included being the first gaming network in Australia to broadcast games television-style, the running of the Ozlife Cup competition, and me writing my own gaming column. So on the page menu of this site you will find a page discussing my experience with Ozlife.

Once again, this is a work in progress and every time I get more information I will update it, just as I also did today with a couple of my other gamer pages.

Finding Forgotten Inspiration – Cook’s Cottage in Melbourne

I’ve just started editing chapter 13 of my novel Tempting in Shade. It dawned on me several days ago that my interiors are not thought out very well. What would the interior of an average person’s house look and feel like in my world? I remembered that I have visited Cook’s Cottage in Melbourne a few times. This is a cottage built in 1755 for Captain Cook’s parents – his father being a farm supervisor. I figured that it would be typical of a commoner’s house in Shade (my novel’s setting). Hence I took a look at the video and then turned it into an FFI for YouTube in case any other author can get something from it. Here’s the link:

Truth be told, I’m not getting many hits on this little video series that I have put together. Never mind, I find them useful to review and it’s a way of ensuring my home videos are safely backed up where I can find them. :)

Once again, thanks for visiting and reading :)