Starting a new painting

Starting a new painting


So Sunday afternoon Rhiannon (my 10 year old daughter) says to me “Dad, will you paint with me?”

Naturally I was thrilled by the idea, only…

… I had nothing in mind that I could paint.

Back track.

If you look at my art you will notice a couple of things. Firstly, my paintings are either portraits or landscapes. Usually I take a photo and paint that. Secondly, my digital art has broader themes, mostly because I can construct in real time on a flat screen a few inches from my face. This means that when painting I first have to either plan a photo shoot or go hunting for images. Spontaneity just does not work.


Finding Forgotten Inspiration!

I had a whole heap of video footage that I had been digitising for my short YouTube videos. Perhaps something there would serve. The first thing I opened had some lovely coastline from a 2004 visit to Victoria. Perfect! So I found a suitable shot, darkened it a bit and printed it off.


I actually remember the day well. Nicole was pregnant with Rhiannon and we planned a little weekend away to celebrate. So we flew down from Sydney to Melbourne. Nicole is the real eco-enthusiast out of the two of us, so a tour a few hours down the road from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles was an essential. These are a bunch of rock stacks off the south coast of Australia. To be honest I really enjoyed it, but it was ever so windy. You cannot tell in the video because I muted the sound (yes, it’s the next instalment of Finding Forgotten Inspirations – done after I finished painting). I also swear that kamikaze flies were trying to fly up my nostrils every few seconds. This said, the scenery was spectacular and the video really does not do it justice.

Now to the painting. I am a slow painter (because of eyes) and so all I have done to begin with is block out the major elements of colour of the picture. You will note that I have modified the scenery to some extent, bringing the right hand cliffs closer to the others. I feel that this will make it more dramatic. This said, most of what you see here won’t be evident once complete.


I will do more work next weekend (I only paint at weekends and then only for a couple of hours – again the eyes. Hence my paintings tend to take months). Before then I have to make up my mind: will it be a dramatic landscape or should I add a fantasy element? Not sure.

In the meanwhile, here is the Finding Forgotten Inspiration that was brought about by Rhiannon’s simple request to paint with me.

Hope you enjoy.






  1. Looking good. :D I knew Australia was worth a visit…. :D Looking forward to see your progress. Cheers Markus


    1. Thanks Markus :) There are lots of interesting things down here, especially beautiful scenery etc. Myself, I’m taken with Europe because it is so different – all the history and the architecture. But my wife loves eco-style tours, so quite a few of those will turn up in my videos :) Thankyou for commenting :) Greg


  2. I love the fact my son shares my enjoyment of creative arts, and your daughter clearly does too :) what is she working on?


    1. Rhiannon bought some plaster figurines and is painting these. One is a starfish – quite an elaborate one too! She had painted it wonderfully and then made a mistake that ruined it. She was upset at first but I showed her how to wipe away the paint and she had an epiphany that by using a cloth to wipe away paint she could paint cracks and then have spaces free for other colours. :) I love watching her realise things. :) You and I are lucky having children that we can share such creativity with. :)


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