Updating my WAR page and finding my first animation

Updating my WAR page and finding my first animation


It’s been a nostalgic few days going through old discs and tapes dating back to the 1990s. Alas many seem to have corrupted and the memories are gone for good. On the bright side, some survive. I guess there is a lesson to be learnt there.

Firstly, I have been finding lots of stuff relating to my years as an online gamer. I am recording these years because they coincide with the early years of first-person online computer gaming as a mass phenomenon. The historian in me tells me that this is important because no one else has probably done it. Now days most kids play online games, even if it is only Minecraft (which I love also -LOL). But when I started playing first-person online games really the realm of perhaps a few hundred or so in Australia. This was because the ping (the amount of time it takes for a message to go back and forth between a server) was pretty bad – about half a second on dial-up. That really changed quickly. Within a few years thousand and thousands of people were playing such games and pings rapidly dropped to 200 milliseconds and then around 30 or 40!

Anyway, I have made a record of my experiences for what they are worth and it is a work in progress.

Below is my other exciting discovery: my very first animation! I made this in 1999 using an early version of Bryce (either v2 or v3). I used the very simplistic spaceship model that I had created for an earlier static work and experimented with the idea of paths, setting both the spaceship on paths and the virtual cameras filming it.

At the time I had aspirations to be an animator, even though I worked as a computer programmer. Other things in life ended up getting in the way (including my then increasing obsession with online gaming and then running a major Australian gamer clan for several years).


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    1. Sure did! I vaguely recall leaving my pc running overnight. I was so proud of it at the time ☺


  1. This is really cool! I love how the ship reflects the light from the sky :)


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