Venice from above

Venice from above

Hi all :)

I’ve finished making the next episode of Finding Forgotten Inspiration. This time I’m at the top of St Mark’s Campanile (fancy Italian word for bell-tower) in Venice during the wonderful winter of 1997.

So how is this relevant to my writing?

Well, several of the characters in my works belong to a society of magi called Gnosians. These live in a stone tower overlooking the city of Shade. And Shade is loosely based on Venice (but with some slums inspired by a part of India in it). The question is: what does the world look like from up there? Or… how might someone up there perceive the people down there?

Hopefully there is some value in this for you. If not, then maybe a laugh or two at my expense. :)

As an aside, 1997 was my first year with a video camera. Only six years earlier I had undergone my first cornea transplant and suddenly the world had become a lot clearer (at least until the fateful autumn of 2013). Nevertheless I still saw three of everything, and two of those three were distorted. A video camera proved a perfect tool for true sight-seeing for me. Sure, I found myself walking around most places with the video camera practically glued to my eye, but objects were suddenly immediately clear. No more having to wait for photographs to be developed! It changed my life.

Why mention this?

Well, I just reckon that video cameras are great accessories for people with Keratoconus who are on sight-seeing holidays.

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    1. Thanks :) I am really enjoying going through my old stuff. :)


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