May 2015

Five Photos – Five Stories – Day Two – The Pond

  Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is bad. But always it just… is. Once upon a time the spit of land between Cronulla and Kurnell (south of Sydney, Australia) was famous for its sand hills. I guess that in previous decades those same sand hills may have stretched further. What makes me think this? I have memories of reading old newspapers from before my time where they

Five Photos - Five Stories - Day One - Jellyfish Boy

I have been nominated by Creakingbones to partake of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. I’m actually quite stoked, because it gives me five consecutive days of not only talking about myself but also posting pics about myself. :)  Um, let’s just check that… OK. From what I can gather the rules of the challenge require me to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to

Vivid - Sydney's Festival of Lights photographed with Camera FV-5 app

My wife really wanted to take my daughter into the city and show her Vivid – that’s the name given to Sydney’s Festival of Lights. I joined in after work, taking with me my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the app called “Camera FV-5”. Thought I might put the latter through its paces at night. The evening was exactly as I expected – lots of crowds and jostling and stumbling intermixed with

My great grandfather's picture and my daughter's

I had to get up early because our car needed a service, so I am cranky and tired. LOL. My wife would argue that I am always cranky and tired, and I have to admit that there is a degree of validity to that. Anyway, today is a brief post about my slow progress on turning a faded photo of my great grandfather into something special and also about my daughter delighting me

A bit of painting & some genealogical photo art

In this post I shall ramble a bit about someone contacting me on and discuss how that made me decide  to revitalise an old family photo. I shall also give you an update on the painting I started in April… I actually did a bit today. OK – now for the genealogical ramblings you lucky people you. So I have this really annoying ancestor called William Hanbury. In 1826

November 2012 - picking up the brushes again

Truth be told, I was scared when I picked up a brush again. It was November 2012 and several people were urging me to paint a portrait of my daughter Rhiannon. At the time I had not painted anything for over a decade and my eyes weren’t that great either. I tried a few pencil sketches around the garden – the odd plant and flower – but ending up screwing

Another retrospective - me as an artist in my 20s

  The great thing about being a blogger is that I can continually talk about myself. Blah blah blah Greg… blah blah blah more Greg. :) A little while back I inflicted upon you all the story of teenage Greg. Here it is if you feel that you cannot get enough of me. (That’s a hint – run away from this post while you still can). LOL Today is the

My first DAZ Studio nude - and how I did it

You may recall from an earlier post that I decided to attempt to create a nude scene in DAZ Studio that used red curtains inspired by a fellow blogger (Liz Zusev). To do so I had to figure out how to create appropriate curtains and I did so (as detailed in my previous post). Now the actual nude. Before I progress with this, let me just say that I tend

Tutorial: making curtains in Sculptris for use in DAZ Studio

  Hi folks, the tutorial rendered well overnight and has successfully uploaded and been published on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. :) So what to expect? Well, essentially the tutorial has two parts. The first is using a free program called Sculptris (found here) to add folds and creases to a plane so that it looks like a curtain. In all honesty this could probably also be done in Blender. In

A teaser for my tutorial to come on curtains

You may remember me saying that I wanted to create a scene of a nude in front of some rich red curtains. Well step 1 was figuring out the best way to create such curtains for DAZ Studio. Now I did investigate Blender (I promise I did Doris). Blender has this really cool cloth simulator. I watched a few YouTube videos on the topic and was very impressed. But as

Best laid plans...

OK – so this picture has nothing to do whatsoever with this post. It is just a holiday snap from a few years ago. But I think of it this way, if I didn’t post this picture here then I probably would never look at it again – or very rarely. Oh well, on with the post… I had great expectations for this last weekend. You will have read about them

More novel revision, next artwork and dreaming of European holiday

OK folks, today’s self-indulgent post will cover my: progress on my novel revision plans for a daring new art work (well, daring for me) countdown to Europe (yippee!!!!) Novel Revision Every day at work at least one person will ask me how the novel is going. So far its been going almost two years. Eeeeek. I had intended to write it in six months and be a world famous author within

Some minor improvements to the spaceship

Hi all, Very tired, so I will be brief (LOL at me being brief!). I’ve revisited the spaceship and decided to stretch it out, add some misty type stuff, and also add a character so that the picture has some form of story going on. This is the result. While I cannot say that I am happy with it, I feel that it is an improvement over the earlier version.

Rhiannon is 11 and my spaceship progress disappoints

          Today, 11 years ago, Nicole and mine’s daughter Rhiannon came into the world. From the very beginning we called her our special girl and have adored her. I think that as a parent I grieve the passing of each stage of her life as much as I rejoice the new stage. Therefore I miss the baby I held in my arms all those years ago,

Whose space ship decoration style am I trying to imitate?

        Spent two hours today slowly… ever so slowly… decorating my spaceship. Have not got too far, but wondered how many of you out there can guess the artist who is my source of inspiration for this work. As a clue, he’s a spaceship artist whose work has covered several science fiction books over several decades. He has a fairly unique style in my opinion – one that

Hot Shoe Shuffle & progress on space ship

        This is just a brief progress report. :) Had a great night out at a show tonight. It was called Hot Shoe Shuffle and was mostly tap dancing. One of my secret pleasures is watching dancing and this was wonderful. For any Sydney-siders out there, it was at the Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown and was really fast paced. Some of the dance steps were astonishing and