A teaser for my tutorial to come on curtains

A teaser for my tutorial to come on curtains


You may remember me saying that I wanted to create a scene of a nude in front of some rich red curtains. Well step 1 was figuring out the best way to create such curtains for DAZ Studio. Now I did investigate Blender (I promise I did Doris). Blender has this really cool cloth simulator. I watched a few YouTube videos on the topic and was very impressed. But as you, dear readers, know I am not satisfied with complex solutions for doing things. I promise the more novice 3D art practitioners among my readers the simplest way to do things – and that is not cloth dynamics in Blender. Yes, I found a different way.

Now I had intended to present you folks with a complete tutorial on this, but my video editing software is still rendering it. So I will give you a shot of a scene with some of my simple curtains and promise you that in the next few days you will discover how I created them.


Alas the tutorial may not be released tomorrow night as I will be attending dinner with the local chapter of the Doctor Who Club (Miranda RSL – third Friday night of the month – for anyone living in Sydney – there is a general knowledge trivia night too and it is a lot of fun).

But it will come on the weekend.

Thanks again for reading.