Best laid plans…

Best laid plans...


OK – so this picture has nothing to do whatsoever with this post. It is just a holiday snap from a few years ago. But I think of it this way, if I didn’t post this picture here then I probably would never look at it again – or very rarely. Oh well, on with the post…

I had great expectations for this last weekend. You will have read about them in my last post (and if you didn’t then you are very naughty :)  )

So what happened?

Mothers’ Day in Australia.

Now don’t get me wrong, Mothers’ Day is great, but in my household it does take up much of the weekend and leaves little room for anything else. The fact that I also tried to get a haircut in did not help with the time management. This said, on Saturday Rhiannon and I had great fun making a cheesecake. :) On Sunday Nicole got breakfast in bed. In of itself this is not a rare thing – I traditionally make breakfast for Nicole on weekends – but this time Rhiannon made it. The dish was scrambled eggs and Rhiannon did a great job of it :) Rhiannon also got around to buying Nicole’s Christmas present from 2014 – an Eiffel Tower set of earrings and pendent. (I think we are all getting excited about the European holiday!)

All this said, I did start playing with the layout of this site. I decided that I really needed to get it looking professional. So I am looking at creating a child-style for Point (the template that I use). I want something that works well in a magazine sort of manner. Ideally I will be able to cluster posts under their categories.

I have been thinking about the curtains I want to do in Blender. All the tutorials that I have found talk about using Blender’s fluid simulator (or some such thing). I reckon that there must be an easier way to do it. Why? Well, because the premise of this blog is finding easy way to do things for non-technical people (yes – so I fail at that sometimes). Anyway, I have an idea and will post that.

Next bit of exciting news for me is that one of my tutorial posts on posing figures in DAZ Studio was chosen as being of use on the DAZ Studio forums for the May 2015 New Users Contest ( ) That is so cool! I will obviously have to share more of my astounding noobiness on the topic :)

And, for no apparent reason other than I like Mustakettu’s blog and her continued persistence in posting comments here, I thought that I would point you at Radium Demesne. The blog covers solid technical aspects of DAZ Studio (have I ever mentioned that I love DAZ Studio? LOL) and Science Fiction and sometimes deeper aspects of life.

Actually I really should create a page listing all the blogs that I enjoy and especially the blogs of some of the wonderful people who actually comment here.

Once again thanks for visiting and reading my post. As you can tell I was in a bit of a flippant mood :)

fondest regards





  1. Thank you very much for promoting my blog =) I’m happy there are nice people like you who actually take time to read it =)


    1. It is my pleasure :) You are always delightful to me and your blog has interesting posts :)


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