My great grandfather’s picture and my daughter’s

My great grandfather's picture and my daughter's


I had to get up early because our car needed a service, so I am cranky and tired. LOL. My wife would argue that I am always cranky and tired, and I have to admit that there is a degree of validity to that. Anyway, today is a brief post about my slow progress on turning a faded photo of my great grandfather into something special and also about my daughter delighting me with one of her pictures.

OK – here it is. This is where I am at so far with the photo of William Clark Curling:


There is still more that I want to do, but its coming along. Don’t forget that this is what I started with:


This aside, my daughter absolutely delighted me. She ended up in her school’s gifted and talented art program and as such was permitted to create a piece over the weekend. The best of the art works from this group of gifted students would then be entered into the Sutherland Shire Schools Musical Art Competition ( ). The topic was something about peace shining.

So on the weekend she worked and worked on the piece. Here she is – look at that concentration:


Here idea was to have a dove-shaped Earth (representing peace on Earth) with light shining from its beak. I was blown away by her idea. I asked her if she had seen this elsewhere but she said not. She did, however, say that she had seen Earths in other shapes, so why not a dove?

Anyway, long story short (and to think I intended to be brief!), she entered the finished product and her work was selected as one of those few to represent her school in the competition. With any luck she’ll outdo her dear old dad early on and become a true artist :)

Thanks all for reading :)






  1. Great work, you must both go to the top of the class with a gold star on your lockers.


    1. Thankyou for saying that ☺ I’ve always valued my gold stars ☺


      1. I really like your style and I’d like you to take over the five photos – five stories from me. It’s a lot of fun and I know you have a heap of yarns to spin. I do hope you can spare the time. It’s well worth it;.


        1. Thank you. ☺Just got home so will have to work out the first yarn tomorrow ☺ I just hope others find my stories interesting. ☺


    1. I am very very very proud ☺


    1. Thanks Alethea, but you should see my cousin Kevin. He is even more like my great grandfather. :) Genetics is a funny old thing. I guess we are immortal in those genes we pass on. :) Thanks for commenting :) Greg


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