Some minor improvements to the spaceship

Some minor improvements to the spaceship


Hi all,

Very tired, so I will be brief (LOL at me being brief!).

I’ve revisited the spaceship and decided to stretch it out, add some misty type stuff, and also add a character so that the picture has some form of story going on. This is the result. While I cannot say that I am happy with it, I feel that it is an improvement over the earlier version. I don’t intend to give up with spaceships or Blender, but just to take this as a learning experience :)  The character was done in my favourite graphics program DAZ Studio. :)

Off to bed now.

Thanks all :)









  1. The “like” button has disappeared for me again =)
    I like how the character and the ship work together, one being monochrome and another in bright colours. Reminds me of some old SF covers.

    1. Thanks ☺ I was aiming to emulate some of Chris Foss’ work from the 1970s ☺

  2. I like the effect stretching the spaceship has. The earlier renderings were functional, but this one has a little more sense of adventure and the figure does add a nice story component.

    1. Thankyou ☺ I really struggled with this more than any of my other works. Thanks for your words ☺

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