Making 3D curtains with Sculptris

Making 3D curtains with Sculptris



Hi folks,

the tutorial rendered well overnight and has successfully uploaded and been published on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. :)

So what to expect?

Well, essentially the tutorial has two parts. The first is using a free program called Sculptris (found here) to add folds and creases to a plane so that it looks like a curtain. In all honesty this could probably also be done in Blender. In the second part I add colour to the curtains, then pose them with a floor and a pedestal to demonstrate what the curtains will look like in a scene. I also play a little with light. I hope that someone finds it useful.

All this done, let me also just say that I had a good evening with my friends at the Doctor Who Club and our team won $10 in the Trivia competition :)

So I am off to bed now. Night all :)




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