June 2015

Nemesis Games (unintentional review) and recrafting of my own novels

Once upon a Monday night dreary, while I pondered weak and… Dammit! Originality young Greg! Review of Nemesis Games that I had not originally intended to write – it just happened Anyway, towards the end of last week my work sucked me dry enough that I barely touched a computer for several days. Hence no blog posts not even much blog reading. Instead I read a science fiction novel called

Exporting ocean to OBJ and importing to DAZ studio

Just a shorty of a post in response to an idea proposed by Mustakettu85. I exported the ocean plane and its material from Blender as an OBJ and imported into DAZ Studio. I got the above grey moonscape. I played around briefly but as dinner was rapidly approaching and my wife expects something called companionship from me, I decided to throw a brief skybox around the ocean and give it a light

Adding foam and a rotating light to my lighthouse

  Ok folks, I am becoming more in tune with Blender. It is complex, the interface is terrible… but man can I do things with it :) Today I will show you how I: added foam (simple), added a ray of light coming from the lighthouse lamp (annoying) made the light rotate (dammit!) Foam: Foam is simply a variable on the ocean modifier that I used on the plane. Yep

Lighthouse progress plus a review of Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

(For the review of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter just scroll down) As you can see, progress continues on this project. I am beginning to wonder whether I am being overly ambitious, but what the hey…  :) OK – you may recall that yesterday I had strived against Blender to create a rough grey animation of waves around a lighthouse. I decided that today I wanted to achieve the following: a

Progress on Blender lighthouse

Today’s post, as suggested by the title, is about using Blender to make a lighthouse scene. Well, I persisted (mostly) – as much as I got really, really, really frustrated at times with the Blender interface. This said, I am beginning to feel the power of this application. Once I made the column of the lighthouse and the underside of the lamp in Blender (see last post), I did cheat and export

Blender lighthouse

Hi all, today I just intend to give you a brief description of my next attempt at making something in Blender. I decided to tackle Blender once more after my less than satisfactory spaceship. My long term plan is to create a lighthouse scene. I’m thinking a tall and skinny lighthouse, a stormy night, dangerous rocks, huge waves, a ship or two. To make the actual lighthouse body, I started following

3 versions of my Great Grandfather Curling & some thoughts on my novel(s)

Today I will ramble on about two things. The first is the restoration and colouring of an old photo. The second is my current thoughts on my writings (novels, novellas, short stories). The old photo As some of you may remember I started work on restoring and colouring a pre-1890 photo of my great grandfather William Clark Curling (of Hernhill, Kent).  Here is the original photo: So I played around

Book review: The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Hi all, I must apologise for a lack of activity over the past 3 or 4 days. I’ve had a dreadful cold that really knocked me around. On the bright side I did finish reading Peter F Hamilton’s “The Abyss Beyond Dreams” while bedridden. So I figured that I would write a book review as I once did quite a bit on Amazon. I will also try to avoid any

I've got the Liebster Award

Hi all, Creakingbones has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you :) As I understand it, there are three main requirements for recipients and they are: 1     Answer questions posed by their nominator. 2     Nominate another group of bloggers you deem to be worthy of the award. 3     Pose a number of questions for the fresh bunch of nominees to answer. So here goes answering the questions posed to

Five photos - Five Stories - Day Five - Not the final act

  All good things come to an end. So it is with sorrow I finish this Five Photos – Five Stories sequence of posts. But before I present you with my final tale, let me present to you the talented person to whom I will hand over the responsibility of Five Photos – Five Posts. Her name is Kylie Ison and her blog site is Slim Beyond 40. Kylie is a gifted

Five Photos - Five Stories - Day Four - Tropical waters

Memories, like old photos, can fade. Perhaps now that we are in the digital age that metaphor will itself fade away. Who knows? For much of my life I have used cheap cameras. Most of my photographs were taken with a second-hand Russian camera that was old when I bought it in 1983. This happenstance was not due to me being a cheapskate, albeit I cannot deny that accusation. It

Five Photos – Five Stories – Day Three – Touching

Some things you just have to touch. Sure, you can stand there and admire them. You can even fantasise about the touch of them beneath your finger tips. But looking is not sufficient. And fantasies can be so… frustrating. Oh yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had to get my hands onto them. Everything that was me demanded that I do so. And yet there was a