Blender lighthouse

Blender lighthouse

Hi all, today I just intend to give you a brief description of my next attempt at making something in Blender.

I decided to tackle Blender once more after my less than satisfactory spaceship. My long term plan is to create a lighthouse scene. I’m thinking a tall and skinny lighthouse, a stormy night, dangerous rocks, huge waves, a ship or two.

To make the actual lighthouse body, I started following a tutorial by Jordan Manuel.

Using this I have created the tapering column of the lighthouse. Before this I did not know how to taper cylinders in Blender, nor how to divide a column in sections so that I could easily add the materials to give it stripes.


So the next step will be to start creating the top of the lighthouse – the lamp bit. I will try to start this over the weekend (I have some busy days coming up). For this I am thinking of creating each of the small components and building them up.

I also need to track down some nice tutorials on making rocks in Blender and a realistic sea.

As an aside, go and check out this Blender sculpt of Captain Jack Sparrow created by my blogging friend Doris Fiebig. Truly wonderful.











  1. Far too difficult for this poor old geezer. Not even 100 simple tutorials would help me. You are a genuine wizard.


    1. Thanks ☺ Maybe one day if you are in Sydney and neither of us has any obligations, i can introduce you to some basic 3d graphics programs and you can teach me to use my DSLR ☺


  2. Ps: naturally there would be a bbq too ☺


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