Exporting ocean to OBJ and importing to DAZ studio

Exporting ocean to OBJ and importing to DAZ studio

obj in daz

Just a shorty of a post in response to an idea proposed by Mustakettu85.

I exported the ocean plane and its material from Blender as an OBJ and imported into DAZ Studio. I got the above grey moonscape. I played around briefly but as dinner was rapidly approaching and my wife expects something called companionship from me, I decided to throw a brief skybox around the ocean and give it a light teal diffuse colour. Not grand, but its something.

obj in daz2

Will play more with this over the weekend. :)

Any suggestions welcome.





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  1. Thanks for testing this! It’s cool the shape can be exported. What you could do to approximate the look of water is using refraction and reflection in the DAZ default shader: by setting their strengths to 100% and inputting an IoR in the 1.3-1.4 range, you’ll engage the Fresnel reflection attenuation built in the shader. You also need to decrease opacity and diffuse strength for this to work properly, and have something underneath the water to get refracted (if the skydome is spherical, this is enough, I guess) .


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