Lighthouse progress plus a review of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

Lighthouse progress plus a review of Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter


(For the review of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter just scroll down)

As you can see, progress continues on this project. I am beginning to wonder whether I am being overly ambitious, but what the hey…  :)

OK – you may recall that yesterday I had strived against Blender to create a rough grey animation of waves around a lighthouse. I decided that today I wanted to achieve the following:

  • a rock for the lighthouse to sit upon,
  • colour the ocean,
  • put some sort of night sky in place.

The rock bit was easy. I added a mesh called an icosphere. An icosphere is a spherical polyhedron made of triangles (i.e. it is round and its surface looks like someone glued a whole heap of triangles together). So I subdivided the thing up into little iddy bits, and then went into sculpt mode and randomly added and deleted till the thing looked like a random rock.


I then used the node editor to make the rocks grey.

For the ocean colour I started off following the advice of CG Geek as per the video tutorial I mentioned yesterday ( ). This was essentially to make a glass node for it. However, where CG Geek left the water’s base colour white, I made it a darkish teal. I figured that this was night and the darker the better.

As for the night sky, I looked through the cloud library that I have been building for some months. Basically I take lots of photos of different skies. I thought this one had potential.


But it was too light. So I cropped it, darkened it and stepped up the contrast. This was the end product:


The technique for adding this is also in CG Geek’s tutorial. Damn that is one good tutorial!

Once this was done I ran the animation to see the outcome. And here is the video result:

Obviously I now need to add foam, some light coming for the beacon, and maybe some sound effects. Oh well, will keep me busy.


Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

I was so looking forward to watching this film. I was so disappointed once I did.

The premise is basically that old Abe was turned into a vampire hunter due to some nasty events in his childhood and this eventually led to the American Civil War. The first part worked for me just fine, but after that I struggled to care.

And I think here I hit the problem with the entire movie:  it fails to make the viewer give a damn.

This is actually quite surprising because the film contains quite a few moments that should be very emotionally charged. But… they’re not. Why? In my opinion it is because the film’s violence is so over-the-top as to be unbelievable – and this is saying quite a bit for me. I relish gore and over-the-top action, but here it was too much. Hence the emotional moments tended to become breathing space more than anything else.

I won’t mention the plot too much because it would be very easy to give away spoilers, especially as there are so many damned vampires throughout this film. It would be easy to think that the South was populated entirely by vampires.

As for the direction and acting, I had no major issues. The swearing was minimal. No real nudity, though there was a scene where a couple was caught having sex in a bath tub, but it was over before it began.

Personally I give this film a 3 out of 10.





  1. Loved Abe the Vamp Hunter… total escapist nonsense, but fabulously done. Loved the scene where they were fighting on the stampeding horses. I’d have to watch it again to be sure, but I can’t remember it being any more violent than any other film of this kind. Loved the scene where pres Abe rediscovers his axe, starts to do his awesome twirling thing with it… and drops it! Excellent B-grade fun.


    1. The twirling thing with the axe was great, I just needed more emotion (damn it – there goes my membership of Blokes Inc!)


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