July 2015

Review: "The Imitation Game" (2014)

As some of you know, I am a computer professional. These days I operate in the realm of IT security and information management. In the past my career has included software engineering, database administration, general IT support, and so on. At university, while studying computing, I learnt about Alan Turing. Turing was a brilliant mathematician and went on to become one of the fathers of modern computing. Among other things

A quick update on the Splendour Cliffs

Hi all, I have not had much time to work on this (alas). I spent the day and a Records Keeping conference and then the family wanted some of my time to watch an old episode of the X-Files (“Ice”) and then the latest Criminal Intent. Anyway, here is my progress: The Splendour Cliffs are developing a beautiful golden glow – just the way that I have written them. The

A simple comparison of Cycles versus LuxRender, but first...

… you have to listen to me talking about my day :) Actually it was a grand old day. I used some of my annual leave to have the day off work so that I could visit my daughter’s school for Education week. This involved a long, long exhibition of talent in the playground. The talent involved singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and the such. My daughter sang in the

Friends, natural beauty and slavery

After a few days with my computer in a workshop being upgraded (the SSD was full and the thing was no longer working properly), I sigh a big sigh of relief and can make a post. Unfortunately I cannot meet a promise of showing a comparison video between Blender in cycles and Blender in Luxrender. That may have to wait a week. :(  So instead I will talk about something

Blown away by a tutorial on using OpenStreetMap to make a scene

Hi all, Today I watched a tutorial on YouTube that blew me away (yes, I know that some of you are probably aware of it :) ). The author, one Gleb Alexandrov , uses something called OpenStreetMap and an add-in to get street data that he then imports into Blender and uses to create a wonderful cityscape. He also uses textures from CG Textures and uses the particle system (set to

More thoughts on cliffs being designed in Blender

Hi all, This post is a very brief one about my Blender-designed cliffs for my book scene. So I did a bit of research into mountain monasteries to get an idea for my cliff city. Lots of pictures available on Google images. Then I went and made the cliffs look a bit bulkier and substantial in Blender (more ledges etc.). I felt that this would add reality. Also, to get

The trials and tribulations of Blenders cliffs

Today is a mostly graphics oriented post. However I might also discuss the belief system of the Gnosians and their Magi (i.e. some of the people in my distant novel). Which first? Well, for some of you I suspect that the computer graphics stuff will be dead boring… so let’s start with that! :) Only kidding :) Religion of the Gnosians and their Magi At the moment there is definitely

Gaming nostalgia, plans for story related digital art & The X Files

Nothing deep in today’s post, just odds and sods of my daily existence. Gaming nostalgia Tonight I added some more information to my personal gamer history section of this website. It made me somewhat nostalgic. The years 2001 and 2002 were very dynamic for me. My friend notTricky had created his own game network and I was part of it. My clan WAR was flourishing. Then Valve created Halflife TV

Site changes, Iray, new digital art, and film reviews

Hi all, it’s been a busy few days since my last post. In this post I intend to: tell you about my further site changes and how they relate to my writing make a brief mention of DAZ Studio’s new renderer Iray show you my new digital art – two characters from Shade review “Jupiter Ascending” and “Grown Ups” Yes, way too much for one post. So just scroll down

Site changes

Pardon the visual pun. LOL Anyway, as you may have noticed Greole.com is looking a bit different after a weekend of stuffing around with themes and the such. I have now installed the free Sydney theme which looks quite spectacular in my opinion. Please let me know if you like it. To some extent I have also moved the focus of the site onto my fantasy world of Shade (albeit

Review: "Minions" (2015)

Still recovering from recent workload. So anyway, I took my family to the movies. I personally love animated movies if they are done well, so there was no doubt that we would be seeing either Minions or Inside Out. And Minions it was. As a result a very brief review. Minions is the latest product of Californian animation company Illumination Entertainment. A spin off of the Despicable Me series I approached