A simple comparison of Cycles versus LuxRender, but first…

A simple comparison of Cycles versus LuxRender, but first...

… you have to listen to me talking about my day :)

Actually it was a grand old day. I used some of my annual leave to have the day off work so that I could visit my daughter’s school for Education week. This involved a long, long exhibition of talent in the playground. The talent involved singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and the such. My daughter sang in the choir and danced in the dance troupe. She was great and I was a proud dad. :) This said, I really struggled to get some nice photos of her. There always seemed to be a head or a hand obscuring my view.

After this I spent $80 on books for her at the book fair. She actually surprised me by picking a couple of science books! Given that she is only 11, I really did not expect it. Then I had to participate in the parent vs kids vs teachers novelty events.

Now one thing that you need to know about me is that I am fat and not particularly sporting. I really did not want to do this and joked that they had better have some defibulators ready. Luckily I only needed to participate in the Captain Ball competition. If you have never played Captain Ball, it essentially involves a line of 8 people with the first person facing the line at a little distance. This first person then throws a basketball at the next person in the line who catches it, throws it back, and ducks. The first person then throws the ball to the person behind the person who has ducked, and on it goes until the last person gets the ball and runs to replace the initial thrower. Then the whole thing repeats itself until everyone has been at the front throwing.

My wife got the video camera ready. “This will go on YouTube” she chuckled, fully expecting me to make some disastrous fool of myself. She knew precisely how clumsy I can be.


… in this case she was wrong. I was fat poetry in motion! My team came second, but not because of me. We were leading till close to the end when someone accidentally threw the ball over another parent’s head. I was actually quite proud of my performance, as was my daughter.

Blender: Cycles compared with LuxRender

OK – Cycles and LuxRender are renderers. For the non-computer-graphics people among my readers, that means that they do all the mathematical calculations associated with computer graphics and from these produce an image. Let’s face it, both can produce pretty damned good images!

I’d bought LuxRender as a Renderer for DAZ Studio. For some of my work it is perfect – though it depends upon what “look” I am trying to achieve. A few months back I wondered whether I could use LuxRender on Blender and after a bit of Googling I found that I could. So I installed and voila!

Admittedly LuxRender is the slower of the two renderers and remains (at least for me) the more complex. I really need to learn to master its nodes (the combination of elements needed to make a material look real). Funnily enough, nodes in Cycles are teaching me principles that I am translating to LuxRender.

The next question I had was how both compare straight “out of the box” (silly phrase as I gained both online and no box came into it). So to answer that I created this video. Watch and enjoy (assuming that this is your sort of thing).

Night all :)





  1. Reminds me of my first CG experiments with the Romulus Modeler about 30 years ago. Great.


    1. Wow! That was a while back. I did not start any 3D CG til POV-Ray came around in the 90s. Thanks for reading and commenting :) It’s good to see another IT Security person around :)


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