Friends, natural beauty and slavery

Friends, natural beauty and slavery

After a few days with my computer in a workshop being upgraded (the SSD was full and the thing was no longer working properly), I sigh a big sigh of relief and can make a post. Unfortunately I cannot meet a promise of showing a comparison video between Blender in cycles and Blender in Luxrender. That may have to wait a week. :(  So instead I will talk about something else.

Walk for Freedom

On the afternoon of the third Sunday of each month, my family and I meet up with some friends at the local beach and walk for freedom.


What is this walk for freedom?

Well, there is an organisation called A21. It leads a war against slavery and human trafficking. My friends organise this walk to raise money for A21 because human trafficking is worse than ever before – hard to believe eh? I just find the thought of it appalling. Humans owning other humans! Disgusting!

Now please don’t imagine that I am expecting you to think that I am some sort of wonderful guy trying to save the world. Don’t think that I am incredibly generous – I am an uber-cheapskate. I pay $10 a month to go on this walk. Nicole pays the same. So $20. Pathetic. I could give more, yet I don’t. I think that is the curse of living in a rich society – we cling to our money perhaps too tightly.

This said, te walk is wonderful. My local beach is Cronulla in Sydney. Actually we meet in front of the Elouera beach house and then walk along the local esplanade. Here are some shots of the views I suffer along the way:

beach1 DSC_0365 DSC_0372 pool1

I took the photos with my Samsung phone using Camera FV-5 – my favourite phone camera app for Android.

So what am I getting at in this post, talking about friends, natural beauty and slavery?

Well, if like me, you live in an affluent society and you perhaps love your money a little too much and don’t donate to anything – then why not do something like this. Find a beautiful place to walk, gather some friends whose company you really enjoy, end up some place with a great café or picnic spot, and while doing this throw a pittance into a common purse for donation to a charity of your choice. Just a pittance. You won’t find a few dollars too difficult to throw away, especially if you are enjoying yourself. And that few dollars will make a big difference.

Anyway, that’s just me on a soapbox for a moment. As I said, I am cheap and so is my talk. But even the cheapest of us can make a small difference. So why not? :)

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  1. That’s awesome. It’s that sort of initiative that takes so slow to build in Russia. Many are donating towards saving sick children these days, but other causes are sadly neglected.


    1. I think these sort of initiatives are probably slow in most places But any worthy cause is good ☺


  2. Strange how we feel lost when our computers are on the blink then rejoice when they are back on the desktop occupying all of our time to the exclusion of human interaction. You certainly took the right road though. Good for you. We should all follow suite.


    1. Amen ☺ I think if people find the right activities and really enjoy themselves then everyone should ☺


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